Higher Education Industry in India

The Indian Education industry is poised for growth. This sector is changing rapidly with more private players entering the field. The Government is also taking many measures to improve the quality of education in India. This industry is going to achieve its peak as the idea of business via education catches up.
Fifty percent of India's population is the youth. This means that the Indian education sector is huge with a population of 1.13 billion. India has around 367 universities, 18,000 colleges, about half a million teachers, and 11 million pupils. The private education industry is estimated to be between 20,000–25,000 crore. There are about 1,500 management institutes, 3,500 engineering institutes and 1,200 medical colleges in the country.

With an increase in the average Indian household, more money is being kept aside for education purposes. Also, because of the initiatives of the government, more students are enrolling themselves for higher education. This means that more colleges are needed to cater to these students. Also, the demand for education is inflexible; that is, no matter what, the education sector is not going to collapse.

The demand for management education is rising. Many international management institutes are creating ties with Indian colleges or setting up their own centers in India.
There is immense scope in India for universities offering specialized courses and research potential. The R&D sector requires more expertise and quality professionals to cater to its design and needs.

Many foreign universities operate via the twinning mode as of now. This essentially means the collaborating institution can offer the curriculum of the other university in its first half. These students thus gain credits, which are transferable to the foreign university. This helps the students choose from an array of subjects and also complete a year in India itself.
E-learning and Distance learning programmes are also gaining popularity. Many students and working professionals are taking these courses to get a quality education. The drawing factors for these programmes are the world-class curriculum, comfort and low costs.
According to a research report by Ernst & Young, spending on higher education in India currently stands at Rs 46,200 crore. The growth rate for this education segment is projected at 12.8% and is expected to touch nearly Rs 150,000 crore in the coming decade, the report states. By comparison, currently the Indian population in the relevant age group to enroll into a higher education course is more than that of Europe, USA, Australia combined.
Graduation courses apart, even the pre-school segment is showing enough promise for the future. Market estimates the pre-school size to touch $1 billion by 2012, clocking a growth of over 3% year-on-year. It is interesting to know the fact that education is the third largest expenditure group for an average Indian household.

NBA Students with Rahul Gandhi

The students of NBA had an interaction with Rahul Gandhi
The students of NBA had an interaction with Rahul Gandhi :
The students of NBA Group of Institutions had a wonderful opportunity to meet the 'LEADER OF YOUTH CONGRESS- RAHUL GANDHI'. This meet was organized by NBA Group of Institutions for their students to have a live experience of meeting a renowned young leader of the country and understand his vision. This was a fantastic meet and exposure to the students. 

Words of Students : 

"Meeting with Rahul Gandhi has stuck in my mind as a Red Letter Day. He is Simple Sober and down to earth. He answered the questions very patiently. We had a great discussion on issues related to corruption and problems faced by normal citizen of India. Thanks to NBA for this unforgettable moment"
Rachna Singh (Student of Master of Mass Communication (MMC), NBA )

" We got to learn a lot from Mr. Rahul Gandhi. He is real youth icon. He answered all our questions fabulously and shared his experience, his thoughts and his expectations to fill the gap in the media industry from the young, upcoming journalists. It was a marvelous experience and influential as well."
Som Tiwari ( BMS Student , NBA)

"Meeting with Rahul Gandhi was tremendous experience. He is very polite, simple and very interactive. I am feeling very much privileged meeting him and hope for another chance.
Sonika Yadav ( BMC Student, NBA)

"It was a great experience with Rahul Gandhi. He is really down to earth and concentrates on every issue which is effecting India and can make change. He says that every single human being can make a difference by changing his or herself in a correct way" 
Shubhangi Singh (Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC) Student, NBA)

"It was an awesome experience. More of less watching a person on T.V. and meting him in person is a completely different experience. Shaking hands with him asking questions was an awesome experience for me. I am great full to NBA".   Maya Balmik ( MMC Student , NBA )

" Meeting with Rahul Gandhi was superb. He is a down to earth personality, full of energy. It was really inspiring and passing the message of the talented and young team in place."
Rachna Singh (Student of MMC, NBA )

" It was really an exciting experience of meeting with Rahul Gandhi today. We had a nice talk with him over various important topics i.e. Education, Path Yatra etc.. I am thankful to NBA for this great opportunity."
Urvashi ( BMC Student from NBA).

"I have not thought of being the Prime Minister as yet" said Rahul Gandhi while interacting with a group of students from NBA Group of Intuitions. He said if I wish to do something for my country I should not wait to become the Prime minister and then do it but rather I should work on it in whatever capacity I am. And I think if I am earnest I will be able to achieve it for the people of this country.

Today the electronic media is running after TRPs and they do not talk about the core issue of the people. So I have stopped watching television in print I look for good in-depth stories. I think you as students of journalism will focus more on issues related to the people of this country. He asked students from North East what troubled them in their state. They said insurgency and corruption. Rahul was quick to say that we send huge money to North east but its misused that has to be monitored. Students from Rajasthan asked them to visit Ajmer and Jaipur. Rahul said, "We have to find a solution to land acquisition and we can find that through dialogue alone. Don't try to suppress people and their voices, you need to involve them, we think if you don't involve the poor, it amounts to atrocities on them."

Few students volunteered to work for the youth congress and add theatre to convey the message of the leader. Instantly the number of Meenakshi Natrajan was given for further coordination. For the students it was a great moment to meet their leader who could be the Prime minister of this country in the near future. The charm of Rahul Gandhi and his words kept on echoing and the students got on to the face book to tell their friends that they had an opportunity to meet their youth icon.

About Management Colleges in Delhi

Know about Management Colleges in Delhi: For Bright Future in Management :

Management is required at every stage of life. Without management nobody can achieve the desired goal or destination. Industry oriented management education churn out leaders who are going to lead the organization whom they are associated with, to new heights of success. India is home to numerous management colleges scattered around the country. But Delhi being the capital of India leads the way in management colleges. There are many top management colleges in Delhi offering quality management education.

Management education has become a prime need in any field. Businesses these days require leaders who can inspire the people working in the same environment. Thus these leaders are masters in management education having diverse knowledge of the subject.

There are numerous management colleges in Delhi these days, promising to offer best management education. But some colleges lead the way in their approach and quality of education they offer. Few management colleges in Delhi are widely preferred due to the infrastructure they provide to the students. Being at the helm of the things, these management colleges have profound knowledge of the subject and have requisite knowledge to provide best management training.

Based at the national capital, some quality management colleges have required state of art facility and labs for students. These colleges provide quality infrastructure equipped with latest technology. There is ample space for students to develop their overall talent and personality in these management colleges.

The curriculum in some of these management colleges in Delhi is designed as per requirements of the industry. The curriculum is updated regularly so that students may not become alien to the global environment. Many of these management colleges in Delhi pay extra attention to the industry training and experiential learning.

The core edge of any business college over the other is its faculty members. Again some of the management colleges in Delhi lead the way. These colleges have quality faculty having years of industry experience. Some faculty members serving in these institutes are top leaders at corporate level and thus are the best teachers possible.

Research is also given prime importance at some management colleges in Delhi. These management colleges are equipped with full state of art facility in carrying out research. Research is encouraged and rewarded at some colleges in Delhi. Due to the quality of research students are able to apply their skills in better way.
Many leading companies and industries visit these management colleges in Delhi. Most of these companies find their material at these colleges only. Thus students are provided full placement support after the course. Many other programs are also conducted in shaping the overall personality of the students.

Industry focused international tours are also frequently conducted at these management colleges in Delhi. The purpose of these tours is to provide an insight in the global business community.

Many management colleges in Delhi have tie ups with foreign universities, hence some brilliant students are encouraged to pursue their final lap of the study in these universities. Entrepreneur training is also provided to the students as well.

Quite a number of students have been benefited in the past with the help of these management colleges in Delhi. Due to the quality and standard of education in these colleges many national and international students are approaching these institutes for a bright career ahead.


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