Business Management Studies in Delhi

Seminar on Excellence in Modern Business organized by NBA Group of Institutions 2012Management, whether personal or business, is a serious business and its value is appropriately realized by one and all. Therefore, business management has been taken up as a majorly popular study course by millions of students all over the world. Even in India, with the rise of industrialization, business management has seen an upsurge in the minds of the students. A large number of business management colleges in Delhi, the capital city, and the rest of the country have enabled a large number of students to pursue BBA in Delhi. The capital city Delhi is known for having some of the best B schools in the country that offer BBA courses and graduate diploma in business management which makes a strong foundation for the students aspiring to make a career in business management.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Pradyuman Singh Rawat on Even the best B schools in Delhi provide basic BBA courses to the students arriving in the capital to study business from different parts of the country. Several government and privately run institutes admit thousands of students each year to prepare them for a bright future ahead. BBA in Delhi is one such course which helps you prepare to enter the corporate world or to be able to take up higher educational degrees and diplomas in business management.

One such institute that offers excellent quality business management education to the students in Delhi is the famous NBA School of Business. Started by some visionaries of the education sector, this college has been set up with the vision of enabling students to learn and study business management in its best form. The ensemble of some of the best faculty members coming from different parts of the world has further helped in the development of this institute.And this is apparent from the rising number of students from all over India joining this institute to gain quality education in Business Management.

Media offers Endless Scope for Graduates in Mass Communication

There are endless opportunities of career for students of Mass Communication, which even extends beyond the field of Media and Communications. The broad expertise and skills gained through Mass Communication ensures excellent career even in other professions besides Media. Mass Communication improves your skills on written and oral communication along with sharpening your creative skills and people management.

Young students joining Bachelors of Mass Communication at graduate level receives ample time in hand to polish their skills and to enhance their confidence. The practical exposure provided along with theoretical know-how improves poise and builds personality of students. Moreover, you are also introduced to the changing trends of media and communications industry.

The increasing popularity of programs like Graduate in Mass Communication is the proof of recognition that Mass Communication has received so far over the past decade. Media aspirants are flocking to join these courses both at graduation and post graduation levels. There are number of colleges offering courses for aspiring Graduates in Mass Communication across the country.

Delhi, being the media hub, has its share of Mass Communication Institutes offering top rated media studies. These colleges in Delhi produce Graduates in Mass Communication who become best media professionals for the media and communications industry.  Depending on individual choice, students can also prefer to study further completing their graduate courses and go for a Masters program in Mass Communication with specialization in a particular subject. NBA School of Mass Communication in Delhi is a reputed college in the city offering programs on Bachelors of Mass Communication as well as Masters in Mass Communication.

Rise high with a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication

The increasing scope of Mass Communication is encouraging students to join programs like Masters in Mass Communication or Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication to excel in life and career. Mass Communication presents wide ranging avenues of career which are not only interesting but challenging as well. The gaining interest shown by innumerable students in Mass Communication has led many colleges to include the course in their program of study. At the same time, it is also encouraging the opening of new institutions offering courses in Mass Communication.

Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication
Delhi has a number of reputed institutes that provide Diploma in Mass Communication. These institutes are of high esteem because of their superior quality of education, which can be seen in their syllabus, faculty, infrastructure, practical exposure, theoretical knowledge and much more. Getting a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication from any such reputed college opens wide ranging scope of careers.

On completion of your Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, you can join the media industry in different posts depending on the particular branch of media you have specialized in, such as Journalism, PR, Advertising, Corporate Communication, Anchoring, Production, Editing and so on.

Delhi is one city where you get many options in terms of renowned institutions offering Mass Communication. For instance, NBA School of Mass Communication located at the heart of the city is one such college where quality is guaranteed.

Delhi the Hub of Mass Communication Studies

Over the last decade, there has been a great transformation in the field of education, which saw the emergence of many such courses that became great career options for young generation of today. One such career choice that got too much attention in terms of the number of students enrolling for it is Masters in Mass Communication program. The industry of media and communications has become a profit making industry with a touch of glamor involved. All this is attracting today’s youth to join this industry and try their luck in media. Moreover, Masters in Mass Communications is an all encompassing program that offers in-depth knowledge in subjects like Public Relation, Advertising, Electronic Media, TV Production, Radio, Print Journalism, Marketing and much more.

There are numerous Mass Communication Institutes in India spread across the country offering the best tailored courses for students. Delhi is one such center where there are many reputed institutes for Masters in Mass Communication covering all the areas of communication studies. The colleges and universities in Delhi provide well-recognized courses on communication. You can choose to study in any of the best Mass Communication colleges in Delhi.

Reputed Mass Communication institutes such as NBA School of Mass Communication in Delhi provides first-rated facilities like offering concrete practical demo, a fully equipped research lab and library, excellent faculty, frequent seminars, guest lectures and workshops.

In India, the study of communications has developed as a vastly comprehensive field with a bright career prospect, especially with the coming of the electronic media. It seems that the future of communications industry is great and career in communications will definitely serve the students well with lucrative jobs and remarkable success.

Get a Graduate Diploma in Business Management for a Successful Career

Business Management is an ever-growing field of professional education, which offers plethora of career opportunities to the youth of today. Courses like BBA or Graduate Diploma in Business Management are such that they present wide avenues of success to the young talents.

Delhi has many esteemed colleges for BBA and related courses. BBA in Delhi NCR offers great scope and platform to the aspiring management professionals at a very young age, which is the reason for the huge popularity of this program. These institutes are well-equipped with infrastructure, lab, library, guided programs with experienced faculty and guest faculty from the industry. Moreover, the facilities of internship and placements are also huge in Delhi NCR.

Students can choose to take up jobs after completing their Diploma Course in Business Management or may also prefer to join advanced courses like MBA to further explore the field of Management. Graduate Diploma in Business Management is one of the most preferred professional courses for the young students after 10+2. This career based vocational course is definitely a good choice over other graduate programs.

Unlike earlier times, Graduate Courses in Business Management are getting very popular with undergraduate students these days. There are many recognized institutions offering courses on Bachelors of Business Administration and Graduate Diploma in Business Management in Delhi.

NBA School of Business is one such college that offers range of BBA courses for aspiring students. This college with its modern infrastructure and trained faculty is a great means of learning, which produces great managers every year. Along with other facilities, NBA offers good placement opportunities for students in the various corporate offices in Delhi NCR and other cities across the country.

Upgraded Course on Bachelors of Mass Communication

The program on Bachelor of Mass Communication is designed to fulfill the requirement of those students who want to join this study just after school. Mass communication presents some very prestigious fields of work where one can get endless opportunities and high paying salaries.

Amongst the various streams of mass communication, journalism is an important aspect. Journalism can be either print journalism or electronic or broadcast journalism. Both are exciting fields but involve a lot of responsibility. In print media you get to work as an editor, reporter, feature writer, photojournalist and so on.

On the other hand, in broadcast or electronic media, you can be an anchor, a news reader, a camera person, a reporter, non-linear editor, producer or even a director. In addition, there are other fields of study like advertising, which involves a lot of planning, designing, promoting and most importantly, creativity.

There are many mass communication institutes in the country offering courses on bachelor of mass communication. Delhi, being the hub of media industry, also has its share of colleges offering communication programs. The various reputed and well-known mass communication colleges in Delhi are the most sought after ones.

NBA School of Mass Communication, one of the premier communications schools in Delhi, offers significant courses on bachelors of mass communications as well as masters in mass communication. After completing a course in mass communication, you become eligible for a role to play in the hot and happening world of media.

Increasing Demand of MBA in Delhi

The taste of success is too sweet to avoid and if the success is related to a booming career, the flavor is far more sugary. A thriving and prosperous career is a dream that every young student dreams and does every possible hard work to achieve what they have desired for their career. But the most important thing, which is also the initial step for a successful career is to choose the career option that you most wish for.

The possibility of creating an excellent career in the field of management is extremely high and students are definitely following the guidelines. The increasing acceptance of MBA in Delhi NCR and its increasing popularity has led to the introduction of a number of Business management colleges in Delhi. There are countless students coming to pursue MBA in Delhi in any of the alleged B schools in Delhi is guarantee for a quality education and good placement opportunity.

For best courses on MBA in Delhi, popular names include institutes like NBA School of Business, where the students can open their wings and study in an environment of utmost technical growth with every necessary facility.

Located in the hub of Delhi, NBA institutions offer programs on MBA, BBA and special courses designed for working professionals. Moreover, as part of the NBA Group of Institutions, various programs on mass communication and technology education are also designed to serve the purpose of students interested in these streams of curriculum's.

Enroll for Masters of Mass Communication to Get into the World of Media

A Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication is the ticket to your entry in the world of communications, media and entertainment. Masters in Mass Communication is a well-designed professional course for all the students who are enthusiastic to join the glittering world of media. The field of entertainment and media has always fascinated young and old. The students in particular are smitten by this world of glamour. Studying communications give you the scope to be able to join media houses, broadcast television, public relations, advertising and production houses and so on. All these are somehow or the other related to the world of media.

Masters in Mass Communication or a diploma in mass communication with specialization in a particular subject would give you the chance to have enough knowledge about the various subjects on communication. The program will also provide hands on experience on things like camera handling, newsroom, and studio experiences and so on. These practical experiences make the student ready for the various tasks that they are required to do in their career later.

There are some best Mass Communication colleges in Delhi, which produces journalists, news readers, advertising gurus, cameraman and so on, who are serving in the best media companies in the country. The repute, faculty and placements of these top colleges are definitely best in the country. Some of them are government institutions and rests are autonomous or affiliated to other universities.

When talking about private institutions, the NBA school of mass communication is a name that offers the finest quality of education in communication as well as other areas like management and technology.  This school of communication is a brunch of the NBA group of institutions in Delhi.

Rise High in Career with BBA Courses Delhi

Programs like BBA are designed for those students who are focused and have set goals from a very early age. These graduate level courses are so designed that the students can start their career early on in life. BBA is a three year degree course with six semesters where you get to learn all the subjects related to business administration and it also gives you an edge of all round development of your managerial skills and persona.

There are many colleges offering BBA programs across the country. Delhi also has a number of top institutes providing this course. BBA colleges in Delhi gets thousands of students every year from all parts of the country who come to the city to fulfill their dreams.  NBA School of Business is a reputed name in Delhi offering programs on BBA and MBA in Delhi. These well designed courses offer strong base to the students for a prosperous career ahead.

The Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) course is the best way to inculcate skills and to become confident professionals in the job market. The increasing popularity of BBA in Delhi has influenced many young students to choose this course to start a career. The best thing about Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) is that you can start working early if you plan to continue job straight after college. This way you get a heady start to your career at a young age and can go places by working hard. Alternatively, you can also decide to go for a master’s program in MBA or any other related course, which will give you a definite edge over others in terms of placement options in well-known and distinguished companies.

What is the curriculum of Mass Communication at NBA?

At NBA Group of Institutions, students are taught Mass Communication subjects for that would help them in their career. Below are Highlights of curriculum for Mass Communication Courses

  • Human Communication
  • Development of Media
  • Print Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Language : English Hindi
  • Print Media
  • Executive Communication
  • Layout & Design
  • Basic Writing Skills
  • Computer Applications
  • Production Portfolio
  • Social Science I & II
  • Mass communication
  • TV News: Skills, Tools & Technique
  • Radio Journalism
  • News Writing
  • News Programming
  • Creative Writing
  • News Scripting
  • Still Photography
  • Camera & Lighting
  • News Reporting
  • News Editing
  • Anchoring
  • Web Journalism
  • Media Issues
  • Media Management
  • Media Laws & Ethics
  • Advertising & Public Relation
  • Current Affairs
  • Executive Communication
  • Personality development.

Fusion - Dance Competition

NBA Group of Institutions, one of the best mba colleges in Delhi organized a Dance competition in New Delhi on 19 April, 2012. A huge crowd gathered in the campus and cheered up the participants for the competition. The students were filled with immense enthusiasm and zeal. The event was extremely successful as it gave an opportunity to the students to show their talent and resulting in the increased level of confidence. The entire program was planned, coordinated and put up by faculties and students which made it a memorable event. 

The faculties mentored the students in their practice sessions. After a lot of hard work and practice, the event finally turned out to be a success. The efforts of the students were appreciated by the audience. The program took place in the college premises and was attended by masses.

The competition spirit brought increased participation and enthusiasm amongst the students. The competition was divided in two parts i.e., Solo dance and Group dance. The winning performances in the Solo dance and Group dance category were awarded with interesting prizes. All the performances were judged by a panel. 

The following students participated in the competition:

Solo dance - Rohan Pal, Soma Tiwari, Deepika Sareen, Sanjana Barua, Shreya, Nishu Chauhan, Diksha Sharma & Minal Malhotra

Group Dance
- Kushal Dadhich, Nalin Franklin, Pankhuri Jain, Deepika Sareen, Priyanka Dahiya and Ruchika Arora 
- Rohan Pal, Aabhas Sharma, Nishu Chauhan, Deep Yamen Mitra and Divya Sharma 
- Krishna Pillai, Soma Tiwari and Sonika Yadav 
- Shweta Kanwal, Sanjana Barua and Shreya
- Ajay Samuel, Bhinder Kumar and Tarun Khandelwal
- Dipti Ranjan, Dheeraj Bhatnagar and Vijay Anand

Winner of the Solo Dance competition was Rohan Pal and of the Group Dance Competition Kushal Dadhich, Nalin Franklin, Pankhuri Jain, Deepika Sareen, Priyanka Dahiya and Ruchika Arora. NBA believes in making the learning process more interesting. There is no dearth of extracurricular activities that keep happening at regular intervals. NBA Group of Institutions is a brand name in the Education sector. The group is famed to impart holistic training programs in Business Administration,and Mass Communication. An Education venture of Jain television, NBA Group of Institutions believes in providing comprehensive learning that includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Tie ups with leading organizations and commercial houses offer excellent placement opportunities to young aspirants.

Reasons to do an MBA

Reasons to do an MBA 
  • It Can Increase Your Self-Confidence. 
  • Maximize earnings potential
  • MBA equals to more Opportunities 
  • It can demonstrate willingness to advance in career 
  • Earning an MBA can give you the reputation for being the person "in the know" when it comes to complex business decision-making. 
  •  It helps in Climbing the Corporate Ladder 
  •  It helps in increasing Value to the Employer 
  • It helps to create a network of MBA Program Contacts
For a perfect career only the best Institute is the correct choice. NBA Group of Institutions is one of the best B Schools in Delhi, India. It has been ranked 24th in A++ category Best B School 2011. The curriculum and the activities designed at NBA Group of Institutions helps a person to understand and think as a real businessmen. Some of the certifications provided by NBA School of Business are as follows
-          Six Sigma certification
-          Unique leadership program
-          Foreign language certification
-          Communication Skills & Personality Development training
NBA School of Business has a large number of corporate linkage by which students get a chance to interact with Industry experts on a regular basis. The students learn & understand the trends, techniques, qualities, skills required to tackle each and every business problem in the current scenario. If a person is looking for Mass Communication diploma, MBA and BBA in Delhi then NBA Group of Institutions is the best option they should choose. NBA Group of Institutions meets the expectations of the students by developing their skills and overall personality for a perfect job. 

Quality Education – The need of the hour

We all went to school & college for education and we all learnt about the skills required to be successful. Every year population is increasing at a rapid rate however, there is lack of work force who has required skills to be employed. Currently, the working professionals at senior and middle level are in age bracket of 35 to 45. With time, it would reduce and there will be huge requirement for people under the age of 25+ with required skills to lead and succeed.
NBA Group of Institutions is one of the most reputed mass communication institute in Delhi which focuses on quality education. With its highly experienced faculties, course curriculum focusing on global exposure and deep understanding of the domestic market, students learn all the required skills to be successful in professional life. NBA Group of Institutions offers courses in the field of Management, Mass communication & Information Technology. With its highly developed infrastructure and use of advanced technology education system students are able to learn and develop themselves into perfect professionals. With a large number of Industry linkages, the students are offered good placements. At the end of the course, the students are able to gain quality education which leads in the growth of the country.

India's Best Academic Input Syllabus in Mass Communication

NBA Group of Institutions has been awarded India's best academic input Syllabus of Mass Communication. The award was given at a ceremony organized on 15th February 2012 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. The trophy and the award speaks about the effort put in by the faculties and the Management at NBA. It is an honour to receive this award by competing with Educational Institutes all over India.

NBA Sports Meet 2012 held from 23rd to 25th Jan

NBA Group of Institutions hosted Sports Meet 2012 for Management and Mass Communication students. The event took place from 23rd to 25th Jan. More than 100 students participated in the event in games like Volleyball, Table Tennis and Badminton.

A lot of enthusiasm was shown by the students and they participated with utmost energy. The winners and runner-ups were awarded trophies and certificates. NBA congratulates all the participants for their sportsmanship and making the Sports Meet a huge success!!
NBA Sports Meet 2012

Congratulates Delhiites on completing 100 years

Congratulates Delhiites on completing 100 years
NBA Group of Institutions congratulates Delhiites on completing 100 years. To mark the occasion, our students organized a March at Jantar Mantar on 15th December, 2011 with participation of over 300 students. They showed a lot of enthusiasm in rejoicing the moment.

The motto of this March was 'Jaago Dilli – March for a better Delhi'.
The students carried banners, slogans and flags to convey their message of Anti-Corruption, Cleaner Delhi, Greener Delhi and improved civic sense. The essence of this initiative was that if we want a perfect Delhi, we have to improve our conduct too. The students hope that the people of Delhi will wake up to a renewed sense of responsibility and make Delhi a true representative of India. Visit our photo gallery

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