Fusion - Dance Competition

NBA Group of Institutions, one of the best mba colleges in Delhi organized a Dance competition in New Delhi on 19 April, 2012. A huge crowd gathered in the campus and cheered up the participants for the competition. The students were filled with immense enthusiasm and zeal. The event was extremely successful as it gave an opportunity to the students to show their talent and resulting in the increased level of confidence. The entire program was planned, coordinated and put up by faculties and students which made it a memorable event. 

The faculties mentored the students in their practice sessions. After a lot of hard work and practice, the event finally turned out to be a success. The efforts of the students were appreciated by the audience. The program took place in the college premises and was attended by masses.

The competition spirit brought increased participation and enthusiasm amongst the students. The competition was divided in two parts i.e., Solo dance and Group dance. The winning performances in the Solo dance and Group dance category were awarded with interesting prizes. All the performances were judged by a panel. 

The following students participated in the competition:

Solo dance - Rohan Pal, Soma Tiwari, Deepika Sareen, Sanjana Barua, Shreya, Nishu Chauhan, Diksha Sharma & Minal Malhotra

Group Dance
- Kushal Dadhich, Nalin Franklin, Pankhuri Jain, Deepika Sareen, Priyanka Dahiya and Ruchika Arora 
- Rohan Pal, Aabhas Sharma, Nishu Chauhan, Deep Yamen Mitra and Divya Sharma 
- Krishna Pillai, Soma Tiwari and Sonika Yadav 
- Shweta Kanwal, Sanjana Barua and Shreya
- Ajay Samuel, Bhinder Kumar and Tarun Khandelwal
- Dipti Ranjan, Dheeraj Bhatnagar and Vijay Anand

Winner of the Solo Dance competition was Rohan Pal and of the Group Dance Competition Kushal Dadhich, Nalin Franklin, Pankhuri Jain, Deepika Sareen, Priyanka Dahiya and Ruchika Arora. NBA believes in making the learning process more interesting. There is no dearth of extracurricular activities that keep happening at regular intervals. NBA Group of Institutions is a brand name in the Education sector. The group is famed to impart holistic training programs in Business Administration,and Mass Communication. An Education venture of Jain television, NBA Group of Institutions believes in providing comprehensive learning that includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Tie ups with leading organizations and commercial houses offer excellent placement opportunities to young aspirants.

Reasons to do an MBA

Reasons to do an MBA 
  • It Can Increase Your Self-Confidence. 
  • Maximize earnings potential
  • MBA equals to more Opportunities 
  • It can demonstrate willingness to advance in career 
  • Earning an MBA can give you the reputation for being the person "in the know" when it comes to complex business decision-making. 
  •  It helps in Climbing the Corporate Ladder 
  •  It helps in increasing Value to the Employer 
  • It helps to create a network of MBA Program Contacts
For a perfect career only the best Institute is the correct choice. NBA Group of Institutions is one of the best B Schools in Delhi, India. It has been ranked 24th in A++ category Best B School 2011. The curriculum and the activities designed at NBA Group of Institutions helps a person to understand and think as a real businessmen. Some of the certifications provided by NBA School of Business are as follows
-          Six Sigma certification
-          Unique leadership program
-          Foreign language certification
-          Communication Skills & Personality Development training
NBA School of Business has a large number of corporate linkage by which students get a chance to interact with Industry experts on a regular basis. The students learn & understand the trends, techniques, qualities, skills required to tackle each and every business problem in the current scenario. If a person is looking for Mass Communication diploma, MBA and BBA in Delhi then NBA Group of Institutions is the best option they should choose. NBA Group of Institutions meets the expectations of the students by developing their skills and overall personality for a perfect job. 


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