Options after Pursuing Diploma in Healthcare Management

People are facing challenging health issues globally due to lifestyle changes. They have become more aware of new advancements being made in the field of healthcare and expect the best of facilities for themselves. This attitude has created a whole new market in terms of how care is delivered, who is providing these services, how that care is delivered and who is providing those services.

With the increasing demand for healthcare professionals to add value to the community in the domain of nursing, rehabilitation, hospital and health insurance, the demand for PG diploma in Healthcare Management has increased manifold.

Post Graduate(PG) Diploma in Healthcare ManagementDelhi is a hub with very good colleges offering post graduate diploma in Healthcare Management to add a feather in your cap. Armed with a Diploma in Healthcare, you can make a great entry into the healthcare industry.

NBA Group of Institutions is offering diploma in Healthcare Management with a very systematic approach to tackling healthcare problems along with knowledge of operations analysis, financial and strategic management.

There are many rewarding and exciting healthcare management careers one can pursue after obtaining a diploma in Healthcare Management. The students will have a wide scope in the field of patient care services, medical staff relations, nursing administration, marketing and public affairs, purchasing of equipment and supplies and schedule meetings with healthcare personnel.

Global Student Exchange Program from Coventry University UK at NBA Group of Institutions


Unleash your Creativity in a Video and Win Handsomely

In today’s technological era, people have numerous ways to display their talent and creativity. Especially, the youth of the present generation have unique means to put forward their ideas and notions across. To encourage them further, various opportunities in the form of competitions etc., are being held regularly in schools and colleges to give wings to their ideas and dreams so that they can move ahead in the right direction.
"SHARE TO WIN" Give wings to your ideas and create a video to educate...
NBA School of Mass Communication, a renowned Mass communication institute in New Delhi, is bringing in a great opportunity to encourage everyone who is interested in working with the camera and creating stories to display their latent talent. Many of us do possess the quality of story-telling but telling an educational story with a meaning by means of a short video is not everyone’s forte. NBA is giving a chance to those people to create an interesting story by means of a video or a short movie. This video should be educational and it should educate people on some values and impart an enlightening message.

Students and people in general who are interested in video production and its related subjects can grab this once in a life time opportunity to film something that will not only put their ideas into reality but will also reward them handsomely. Yes, you guessed it right. The winner of the short movie/video will win Rs. 40,000 if their story is chosen as the winning video.

You can create this video in teams. Each team can have minimum of two members, or a maximum of four members to work on a video. The duration of the video can be anything between 3 – 10 minutes. The last date of submitting the video is October 22, 2013. This competition is open to one and all. For any further information on the same you can contact Mr. Siddarth Sharma on 09811627213.

Rule the world of Media with PGDMC in hand

When it comes to communications studies, most students prefer to join PG courses such as Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. The best part of this course is that you can apply for it with any degree in hand.

The zeal of students in Media and Communication courses is increasing at a fast pace and it is certainly evident by the fact that over 59,000 applications were received by DU this year for admissions in this course. A large number of applications were received by private and Government run colleges for admissions in Diploma in Mass Communication.

Rule the world of Media with Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication
Delhi being the hub of communication studies, presents a remarkable number of Mass Communication institutes offering courses in Mass Communication and Journalism. Programs like Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication give an edge to students to portray their creativity and passion in this field. Over the years, Delhi has seen more and more students applying for Bachelors and Masters in Mass Communication and carving their niche in media and communications.

Talking about private institutes offering the course in Delhi NCR region, one name that strikes brilliantly is that of NBA School of Communication. This if one of the premier institutes located in the heart of the city offering Bachelors and Masters degree and diploma in Mass communication and Journalism and its related spheres.

The advantage that the students of NBA have over other private colleges in the city offering courses in Mass Communication is that you get to experience Live Television Exposure in the form of their own Television Channel, Jain TV. In addition, you have highly experienced faculty, best placements in the industry, live shoot experience and regular opportunities of visiting other channels in the city.

Media Ethics and Role of the Media Houses in the Current Scenario

Delhi NCR, The Reigning Mass Communication hub in the Country

Delhi has established itself as the reigning center of Media and Communication studies with primary focus on Mass Communication and Journalism. Over the years the city has established many reputed public as well as private colleges which offer programs on Mass Communication and its related branches. Students now have the option of opting Mass Communication at Graduate as well as Post-Graduate level, thereby giving them enough options to choose from. There are full time degrees and PGs along with many Diplomas in Mass Communication that are offered in the best Mass Communication colleges in Delhi NCR.

Delhi NCR, the Reigning Mass Communication Hub in the Country
The urge of pursuing Mass Communication in students is proved by the sheer number of applications being received by DU this year in Journalism and Mass communication. With this it is also proved that the number of seats in government colleges, especially in Delhi, is limited enough to accommodate the rising number of interested students in the city. Student’s interest in the subject comes from varied fields from different parts of the country with hopes of getting into the best Mass Communication institutes in the city. And Delhi not only has some of the best government colleges and universities, but many reputed and esteemed private institutions offering the course.

Mass Communication and Journalism courses in Delhi are renowned and are regarded highly in the country. There are many good private institutions, which are also included in the list of best Mass Communication colleges in Delhi. One such well-regarded institution is NBA School of Communication that has received wide accolade from masses for its well-crafted curriculum, proficient faculty, state-of-the-art-infrastructure, good placements and much more.

With so much to offer, NBA is one of the best Mass Communication colleges in Delhi for students interested in commencing their career in the field of Media and Communication.

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Journalism and Mass Communication most Sought after Professional Course in Delhi University

With the admission process going in most cities in the country, students are busy considering and choosing their preferred subjects for Graduation and Post-Graduation. Like always, Delhi is one of the most preferred destinations for students across the country when it comes to choosing colleges. Be it Humanities, Science or Commerce, students as always are rushing to Delhi in the hope of getting into one of the best colleges in the city.

Journalism and Mass Communication most Sought Professional Course in Delhi University
Along with other subjects, professional courses like Journalism and Mass Communication are also in the top of the list of preference of students this year. And this is confirmed with the recent news of Delhi University (DU) having received over 59000 applications for admission in Journalism and Mass Communication.

The sudden increase in demand of this course confirms the fact that Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the most sought after programs in the country, which is being highly preferred by young students because of the responsibility associated with it.

However, as much as Delhi University (DU) received applications from candidates the number of seats available for the course in six of the Delhi University (DU) colleges is limited to just 250. This means that the rest of the students interested in pursuing PG or Bachelors in Mass Communication will have to seek the help of private institutes offering the same course in various parts of the city. These private Mass Communication colleges in Delhi are best in terms of curriculum offered, latest technology being available for practical knowhow and finest faculty in the industry.

NBA School of Mass Communication is one such most preferred college offering courses in Journalism and Mass Communication. A venture of the Jain Group, NBA is the best organization for Mass Communication because along with good faculty, amenities and the impact of the program, the facility of being able to get hands-on experience in the media house of Jain group is another thing that is the primary highlight of the course in NBA.

NBA School of Mass Communication - India's Best Mass Communication and Journalism Institutes

Best Career Options in Mass Communication

Delhi is not just the capital of the country but a hub of education and culture as well. The city has many laurels to its name in terms of quality educational institutions. Whether it is schools, colleges, universities or even professional educational institutes, Delhi with its renowned colleges and institutes, is equivalent to any other important educational destination in the country and across the world.
The popularity of Mass Communication in the past few decades has made large number of students inclined towards this course. Though some of them pursue it at the graduation level, there are others who enroll in Mass communication after completing their bachelors degree. These students take up courses like Masters in Mass Communication or Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication to build their career.

Masters in Mass Communication or Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication
Delhi NCR has some of the best known Mass Communication institutes offering bachelors and masters courses. Students opting for Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication can enroll for this course after completing their bachelors degree in any stream. This course equips the students with the technicalities and pre-requisites of Mass Communication as well as gives hands on idea of the field of media.

After clearing the Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, students become eligible to try for good jobs in their desired field in the media and entertainment industry. Moreover, the field of journalism and public relation is also widely available for students of mass communication.

Among the many well recognized and renowned institutions offering mass communication in Delhi, NBA School of Mass Communication is a leading name. An initiative of the Jain TV Group, NBA School of Mass Communication is the best platform to give wings to your dreams of making it large in the world of news and media.

Live exposure and on-field training is given to students at NBA 

MBA Courses in Delhi

With management emerging as the most prominent field of studies for students not only in India but all over the world, MBA courses have got momentum everywhere. Students all over the world are more inclined towards getting a management degree for themselves rather than getting any other professional qualification. 

Delhi, the capital of the country, has some of the best B schools known for offering excellent level of education to the students aspiring for a professional degree in management. There are a large number of MBA colleges in Delhi which are known for giving the country some of the best entrepreneurs of the times besides some excellent business magnets and corporate honchos. The best B schools in Delhi are prominent all over the world and multi-national companies often pick up management graduates from these colleges only.
MBA Courses in Delhi
Doing MBA in Delhi used to be extremely difficult twenty years back. However, the emergence of the private sector in education has made it easier for the students to look up to professional MBA degrees from the privately run business management colleges of Delhi. Earlier the city only had a few public sector management colleges which were able to impart education to a few hundred students every year.

Nonetheless, with the coming up of private colleges in the city, students are now able to take up MBA and BBA courses in Delhi. These colleges offer PGDM to the students who do not have the time and money to enroll for a two year degree course.

NBA School of Business is one such prominently famous business school in Delhi which offers outstanding management education to the students who hand over the creation of a good future in the hands of the college.

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Graduate Courses in Mass Communication in Delhi

Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication in Delhi
With the rising popularity of Mass Communication studies, the various courses being offered in this field have increased. Earlier most students used to study Mass Communication at the post graduate level after completing graduation in different fields. However, the availability of numerous bachelors degree and diploma courses offered by various reputed colleges has made students more inclined towards entering this field early at the graduate level.

There are many benefits of enrolling for Bachelors of Mass Communication. The primary among them is that you get to pursue a professional course at a young age, which might make you start earning quite young. Moreover, it makes you a step ahead of your peers who are still doing normal graduation courses and planning to join professional course later at the masters’ level.

When you have a degree or Bachelors Diploma in Mass Communication in hand, you can either plan to work straight away after completing the course or can choose to study further by enrolling for post-graduation in Mass Communication. Moreover, you can also choose to do short term diploma courses for specializing in a domain of the sphere. 

Among the numerous renowned names of Mass Communication colleges in Delhi offering Bachelors of Mass Communication, NBA School of Mass Communication is a well-known name. This institute is a part of the reputed NBA Group of Institutions, which is a venture of the Jain TV group, and offer courses for both Management and Mass Communication in Delhi. The popularity of this institute can be seen by the rising number of students enrolling in this college who come to study here from various towns and cities of the country.

Moreover, the comfortable location of the institute in the heart of the city in Sarojini Nagar, Ring Road, New Delhi further makes it best suitable for students wanting to pursue Bachelors of Mass Communication in Delhi.

New Fashion Trends by NBA Mass Communication Students

Growing MBA Institutions in Delhi, NCR

MBA institutions in Delhi
Delhi is one of the best destinations in the country offering some of the best management courses in various colleges and institutions. Postgraduate degree in MBA in Delhi is the best course for students who want to channelize their talent in the reputed MNCs and other firms across the country after completing their management studies. With the varying number of MBA colleges in Delhi, the scope of more and more students from all over the country getting admission in business management colleges in Delhi has become an easy task.

With opportunities galore, Delhi the capital of the country is definitely the most sought after educational destination in India.  The city is the hub of educational institutions, be it schools, colleges or even universities. There are some top MBA colleges in Delhi, which are listed among the top management institutions in India. Enrolling in any of the top colleges for MBA in Delhi will give you the opportunity to grab the best deals on placements, thereby ensuring a great career ahead.

After completing MBA in Delhi, you can work with numerous MNCs and other companies. MBA, at the moment is one of the most preferred professional courses of young and aspiring students who want to make it big in terms of their careers. Most MBA colleges in Delhi also offer courses in Bachelors in Business administration or BBA in Delhi for students who want to pursue business management at the graduation level. One such excellent institute offering MBA and BBA courses in Delhi is NBA School of Business located in the heart of Delhi offering quality education to students from across the country.

Post Graduate Program in Management in Delhi

Post Graduate Program in Management in DelhiThe Post Graduate Program in Management is an equivalent program to MBA and is very popular among students interested in pursuing management studies.  Currently, many renowned colleges all over India offer this Post Graduate Program/Diploma in Management (PGPM + PGDM) course. Delhi NCR is a popular education hub, which has emerged as one of the most sought after destinations across the country for quality education. The Delhi NCR area has many well-known government as well as private institutions offering MBA in Delhi and equivalent courses such as Post Graduate Program/Diploma in Management in Delhi.

In most such colleges the Post Graduate Program in Management is offered as 2 year full-time course. However, there are many others which offer distance learning opportunity for such courses. Some of these courses are specially designed for the working professionals for a short period of one year. Working professionals from different spheres can choose such a program, which can earn them further degrees for a better future. The one year program enhances the managerial skills of young professionals and transforms them into more versatile and talented individuals in their respective fields.  The full time programs equivalent to MBA are available with specializations in Finance, Operations, Marketing, Information Management and others.

Among the various management colleges in Delhi offering Post Graduate Program/Diploma in Management, one renowned institute is the NBA School of Business.  With best curriculum, world class facilities, finest educators from the industry, and excellent placement facilities, this business school is definitely one of the best B schools in Delhi offering PGPM. Along with offering MBA, PGPM, PGDM and equivalent courses, NBA School of Business also provides BBA courses. In addition, this business school also presents courses for working professionals suiting their requirements.

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Professional Courses in Mass Communication in Delhi

Professional education is very important for a successful career. With the rising need of professional qualification in varied fields, students these days are focusing on enrolling in the best professional courses which will ensure a stable and prosperous career for them. One such creative and interesting professional field is that of Mass Communication and Journalism. Over the last decade, Mass Communication has emerged as a very popular course and large number of students are pursuing Masters in Mass Communication to enter this domain.

Professional courses in Mass Communication in Delhi
By getting a Masters degree or a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, students can definitely ensure a fruitful professional life in the area of Journalism, Broadcast, Production, Editing, Public Relation, Corporate Communication, Advertising, Anchoring, Writing and much more.

With Masters in Mass Communication in hand, you can enter TV, Radio, Print Media or even a production house. Delhi has the reputation of having some of the best colleges and professional institutions in and around the Delhi NCR area. The city offers some highly esteemed Mass Communication Institutes, which include both government and private institutions.

The best Mass Communication colleges in Delhi are located across the city. These colleges offer different courses including Masters in Mass Communication. Moreover, these institutes also present several diploma courses for undergraduate and post graduate level.

Among the numerous renowned names of Mass Communication colleges that Delhi boasts of, NBA School of Mass Communication is a popular name. This institute is a part of the reputed NBA Group of Institutions that offer both Management and Mass Communication institutes. The popularity of NBA School of Mass Communication is evident by the increasing number of students who come to enroll in this college from all over the country.

The NBA Group of Institutions located in the center of Delhi city in Jain Studios Campus, Scindia Villa, Sarojini Nagar, Ring Road, is an educational venture of Jain TV is best for Mass Communication enthusiasts.

Get Business Specialization with Top Management Colleges in Delhi

Being the capital city of the country, Delhi has always been the center of attraction for students from different parts of the country. A large number of Business Management Colleges in Delhi are known for accommodating hundreds of students from all over the world. Besides the government run MBA colleges in Delhi, there are a large number of privately owned colleges in the Delhi NCR region. Teaching a wide curriculum compatible with the global management courses, these management institutes are extremely famous for studies and also for the campus placements which the students get after passing out from these colleges. 

Top Business Management Colleges Delhi
These MBA colleges in Delhi are known to be among the Best B schools in Delhi as well as in the rest of the country. Besides providing the students MBA and BBA courses, these colleges also offer Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The business management colleges in Delhi not only offer excellent education in various domains of management including Finance, Information Technology, Marketing and International Business, they also provide specialization in these subjects so that the students passing out of these institutes are adept to take on the corporate world. These business management colleges in Delhi make sure that they prepare the students well to face the challenges of the unseen professional life.

Among these MBA institutes in Delhi NCR, NBA Group of institutions has made a niche for itself due to the bare fact that the management college of this group is known for providing an edge to the management students not only in studies but also in terms of practical trainings and campus placements. With renowned faculty members from all over the country to impart management lessons to the students, NBA School of Business is definitely one of the most sought after names for MBA in Delhi.


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