Journalism and Mass Communication most Sought after Professional Course in Delhi University

With the admission process going in most cities in the country, students are busy considering and choosing their preferred subjects for Graduation and Post-Graduation. Like always, Delhi is one of the most preferred destinations for students across the country when it comes to choosing colleges. Be it Humanities, Science or Commerce, students as always are rushing to Delhi in the hope of getting into one of the best colleges in the city.

Journalism and Mass Communication most Sought Professional Course in Delhi University
Along with other subjects, professional courses like Journalism and Mass Communication are also in the top of the list of preference of students this year. And this is confirmed with the recent news of Delhi University (DU) having received over 59000 applications for admission in Journalism and Mass Communication.

The sudden increase in demand of this course confirms the fact that Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the most sought after programs in the country, which is being highly preferred by young students because of the responsibility associated with it.

However, as much as Delhi University (DU) received applications from candidates the number of seats available for the course in six of the Delhi University (DU) colleges is limited to just 250. This means that the rest of the students interested in pursuing PG or Bachelors in Mass Communication will have to seek the help of private institutes offering the same course in various parts of the city. These private Mass Communication colleges in Delhi are best in terms of curriculum offered, latest technology being available for practical knowhow and finest faculty in the industry.

NBA School of Mass Communication is one such most preferred college offering courses in Journalism and Mass Communication. A venture of the Jain Group, NBA is the best organization for Mass Communication because along with good faculty, amenities and the impact of the program, the facility of being able to get hands-on experience in the media house of Jain group is another thing that is the primary highlight of the course in NBA.

NBA School of Mass Communication - India's Best Mass Communication and Journalism Institutes


Education is the process of facilitating learning. As a parent, you definitely want the best for your child as far as education goes. Now a days mass communication and media courses are best option to make career.

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