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To score good marks is an achievement in itself but not scoring good marks and not getting into a decent college isn’t the end of the world. As the Delhi University’s cutoffs went off the roof last year, this year again they aren’t expected to be any less; it has become a distant dream for many of the average students to get admission in Delhi University colleges.

These days’ people have started showing keen interest in private colleges and open universities for many reasons such as their outstanding faculties, great infrastructure, and extracurricular activities etc. And at this moment admissions most of these places is open. This write up would provide you with all the information about the alternative options available for the people who don’t want to or are unable to get admission in Delhi University Colleges.

Admission Options beyond Delhi University in NBA School of Mass CommunicationSchool of open learning and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) are the popular distance learning destinations in town because they offer a complete range of undergraduate and post graduate courses. These venues provide flexibility to the students to come for the classes or study on their own.

For the students who are planning to go for a full time course there are a number of private universities and institutes. Students can choose from a range of conventional courses like Physics, chemistry, mathematics, political sciences, bio tech etc or from the various professional courses such as engineering, management, Mass Communication & Journalism etc. and many more.

NBA Group of Institutions offers Graduate and Postgraduate level courses in the field of Mass communication and journalism.

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Creativity V/S Innovation - NBA School of Mass Communication

Many students & employees face this dilemma sometime or the other in life: If there’s any difference between innovation & creativity? Both these terms are used so frequently that their meanings have almost blurred. But it’s of vital importance for you and your team to know the difference clearly. Already there are hundreds of articles written about the same topic, but we at NBA Group of Institutions would like to write our thoughts about it and would want to communicate it with our readers.
Creativity V/S Innovation - NBA School of Mass CommunicationThere is a thin line of difference between the two concepts wherein creativity refers to conceive new ideas by unleashing the potential of your mind, which is to sow the seeds. Moreover creativity is hard to measure, which makes it more subjective. On the other hand innovation refers to the ability to execute the idea in a perfect manner as it was intended to be, which is analogical to grow the tree, moreover organizations can design an innovative solution & reap a good ROI which makes innovation quite measureable. We can say that both these things go hand in hand; we would need an innovative strategy in place to pull off a creative idea.
There are no shortcuts anywhere to achieve long term success, you and your team needs to be more creative and innovative. And don’t sit wait for the next big thing in the market, just try inculcating creativity and innovation at your workplace.
So what are your thoughts regarding this topic? What formula do you use? Let’s share our thoughts!!!

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Class X Results to be announced by Mid May

Class X Results to be announced by Mid MayThe Class X - Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) results are expected to be out by mid may. CBSE is considered to be one of the finest boards of the nation due to their constant effort for the betterment of the education system by implementation of newer technologies.

CBSE is a Board for schools (public and private), under the Government of India. The CBSE conducts final examinations for Classes 10 and 12 for the schools affiliated to it.

A large number of students who have appeared and have put in months of efforts for the exams would be very curious for the results. In 2014, reportedly over 14 lacs students appeared for the examination which is a good 5% increase from 2013.

The result would be available at CBSE’s official website -

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Tips for Education Loan

Along with the burden of exams and getting admission into a good university there is another major issue, which the students have to deal with and that is to arrange the expenses. To overcome this burden many banks offer different types of education loans. Although it is quite tuff to figure out the best scheme available, students need to clarify certain things before deciding on one. We have come up with few tips which would be of help while picking out the best option.
The student loans are increasing constantly, in case of India; the number of student loans has increased more than ten times since 2004, this calls for better awareness among the students and the parents. So these pointers would surely help you, avoiding excess fees and extra interest costs, protecting your credit rating, and keeping your payments affordable.
  • Understand the loan: The first thing to keep in mind before going for any loan is to do your homework very carefully. Do read the terms of each and every loan option carefully before applying. You may get a better rate through a different bank, so you should explore all your options. It is very important to understand the eligibility criteria and all the other aspects, which the loan covers to complete the education, before applying.
  • Know Your Grace Period: There is different grace period for different types of loans. Grace period is the time you can wait after completing your course before you have to start making your payments. So you should have a clear idea about the market and anticipate the Job scenario once you leave the college, so you are in a comfortable position while paying installments.
  • Do Not Default: There has been a sharp rise in the number of defaults, as the lending rates have increased over the years. Nonpayment spoils the credit score of both the student and the co-borrower, so never ever default on your loan payments.
  • Pre-payment fees of loan: It is always better to pay off your loans as soon as possible, but at times lenders impose extra fees for pre-payment of the loan. A certain percentage of the remaining balance is charged in case of loan closure.
  • Keep these pointers in mind and don’t hesitate to ask for help: If you have any queries about loans, or need help about how much to borrow, don’t be reluctant to contact the bank’s loan executive.
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Final Results – NICL Administrative Officer Recruitment

Final Results for National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) - AO Generalist have been declared. These candidates had undergone the process of written test and interview in the month of March-April 2014.
This examination was conducted for the recruitment of the Administrative Officer in the cadre of Scale I in the below mentioned organizations
  • National Insurance Company Limited
  • The New India Assurance Company Limited
  • The Oriental Insurance Company Limited
  • United India Insurance Company Limited
294 seats are available in United India Insurance Company Limited whereas in Oriental Insurance Company Limited there are 223 posts available. The New India Assurance Company Limited has the highest no. of posts i.e. 494. and lastly there are 423 posts in National Insurance Company which makes up to a total of 1434 vacancies.

Results are available for the 9 mentioned AO posts: AO Generalist, AO Finance, AO Legal, AO Information Technology, AO Marketing, AO Engineering, AO Agriculture, AO Librarian, and AO Automobile Engineers.

We recommend the aspirant to check for the results.

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The World of Print Journalism

Although the world is swamped with TRP ratings these days, but still print media holds a very important position in current times. Print Journalism is a sector which demands versatility, flexibility and adaptability so aspirants must look to enhance these abilities. Formal education in this field would open doors for a plethora of job opportunities. These graduates are researchers as well as good communicators, along with possessing other necessary creative thinking skill required to work in this field.
Career in Radio Broadcasting With these skills and knowledge print journalism graduates can successfully compete in the job market by working directly in the news, Public Relations & Advertising, or publishing sector as a content writer or an editor. Students can work for Magazines, Journals, Newspapers and Websites. Apart from this, they could also launch their career as a content writer where they could end up working for various types of organizations for their product marketing collaterals, other promotional write-ups, press releases, web content etc.
NBA Group of Institutions helps the students understand the world of Print Journalism and make a good career in it. Apart from teaching the theories of Reporting and Editing, our faculties at NBA provide the students with much needed practical exposure through cutting-edge technologies, presentation formats and professional skills. Students would get a chance to experience a newsroom environment that real-world print journalists experience as opposed to learning each function in isolation. Hunting for stories and getting rewarded for the best implementation is the main feature of NBA’s print journalism pedagogy.
By preparing real-world publications, NBA students work gets judged by the highly experienced faculty members. Our faculties at NBA also help students develop research abilities, critical thinking and appropriate writing skills required by professional journalists.

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Career in Radio Broadcasting

India is witnessing a revolution in the field of radio broadcasting. There was a time when radio wasn’t a sought-after medium and was limited to only 1-2 stations, but now the times have changed as it has emerged as a cool yet economical mode of enjoyment for various kinds of audiences from different social groups.
Career in Radio BroadcastingJust like TV there are various radio channels we listen to on a daily basis. Various Radio Jockeys entertain us and talk to us every day. According to the industry reports, the current size of the industry is Rs. 15.4 Billion with 245 stations and this sector is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 16% over 2010-14. Hence, now is the time to get in this industry.

In today’s Scenario Radio jockeys have decent salaries on full-time as well as contractual basis. There are various other ways like commercial advertisements by which Radio Jockeys make good money and get famous. Popular RJ’s with a good following would tempt other stations in giving them a better pay package.

Good quality training would definitely help you in building a good career in radio broadcasting. RJ’s should at least have a graduate degree, in the field of Mass communication. Post graduation or Diploma in the field of Mass Communication adds knowledge of Radio Production and it would help growing your career in radio broadcasting. NBA Group of Institutions provides specialization in Radio Jockeying at graduate (Bachelors in Mass Communication) and post graduate (Masters in Mass Communication) level.

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CBSE Class 12th Board Results to be declared by Mid May

CBSE one of the top notch boards in India, conducts the class 12 board examinations every year in various parts of the country, which commences in the month of March and sometimes gets carried over to the month of April.
A total of more than 9 lacs students (20,000 more than 2013) appeared for the examination this year which started on 1st of March and would go in till 17th of April covering various subjects from the fields of sciences, commerce, humanities and others.
In 2014 the class 12 board results are expected to be out by mid may, although the official announcement hasn’t been made yet. All the very best to all those who’ve appeared for class 12 board examination.
Keep checking this space for further updates.

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