Career Prospects – Public Relations

People with great communication skills and having a dream to pursue a career which offers an opportunity to interact with lots of exciting people, Public Relations is the dream destination for them. This profession offers you with a challenging yet exciting role to understand the customers psyche and influence it in your favor.

Career Prospects – Public RelationsPublic Relations (PR) courses are designed to impart skills like, public speaking and understanding human behavior in order to send out a good message out of the organization. A career in Public Relations (PR) is all about communicating with your external stakeholders gain their understanding, influence their opinion and eventually managing the reputation of the organization

PR professionals would find careers in a range of organization from private to public to NGOs etc. Organizations usually have and in house Public Relations (PR) team, but at times some organizations do outsource it to an external agency.

A Public Relations or PR professional’s role is quite varied and would include activities such as:
  • To plan and implement Public Relations (PR) strategies
  • To Liaison with internal and external stakeholders
  • To answer queries from media and other organizations
  • To prepare press releases
  • To write and edit case studies, speeches & articles, and
  • To organize events such as press conferences & exhibitions.
The job prospects in this industry are very promising; the fore and foremost quality required from a PR professional is that he/she must possess excellent communication skills. Marketing and Ad agencies are constantly hunting for PR professionals. The Public Relations (PR) courses are usually taught to Mass communication students and are prepared to enhance communication skills among other technicalities.

There are various Private Mass Communication colleges/institutes in Delhi NCR Region offering range of Mass Communication Courses. NBA group of institutions is one such private educational body that provides the students with PG Diploma Course in Advertising and Public Relations (PGDAPR) along with various mass communication courses. NBA offers Bachelors of Mass communication as well as Masters of Mass Communication.

Panache 2014 at NBA School of Mass Communication

15 signs that you are a Journalism student

You might not be aware, but if you are a journalism student you must be doing all these things unknowingly & moreover these things would have become your habit. 

1. You always stare at people for long time and try to judge them as much you can.

2. You read & watch news as much possible like a robot to keep you updated all the time.

3. Sometimes you act weird when you are quite happy and forget where you are

4. You get extremely excited whenever you see a new DSLR Camera Model or any new Gizmo and all you can say is “Wow Yaar”.

5. You love to speak, talk, debate, discuss on various topics with anyone.

6. Everyone from friends to family want to know your opinion before they make any decision and you feel like a king.

7. You are friendly and make so many friends that you don’t remember their full names anymore.

8. You feel a sudden urge to start crying whenever someone says the word “Internship” 

and all you could do is pray to God.

9. You feel like a cool dude amongst your school friends.

10. You are highly motivated and would jump every obstacle in the most creative way.

11. You stand against things which are not fair and ready to fight against it. (You probably should)

12. You download interviews of famous personalities /movies/documentaries from internet and watch it almost 10 times.

13. You feel privileged whenever you introduce yourself and tell that you are pursuing Journalism.

14. You get angry & sometimes you feel like shouting when no one listens to you.

15. You feel quite good about your career and it doesn’t bother you what others think about it. 

Are you Creative enough for a Career in Advertising?

Are you Creative Enough for a Career in AdvertisingEveryone assumes that they are creative but the reality is whatever we think about has already been done. Our imagination is based on our past experiences and thought process. The sub conscious mind sees a lot of images, faces, colors, design patterns and by mixing these things a new creative idea comes up. It could be anything which had inspired you, it could be a song or a dream or anything else.
A "Creative Idea" is an essence of the Advertising industry. The "creative idea" by its very nature, is not an easy concept to define. It is easy to identify examples of creative ideas but difficult to formulate a general definition. If you cannot generate creative idea’s quickly then it could be very hard for you to sustain & grown in advertising industry. Here are 5 tricks through which you can test your creativity.

Alternative Uses

You have two minutes to think of as many uses as possible for an everyday object like a pen.

The test measures divergent thinking across four sub-categories:
  • Fluency
  • Originality
  • Flexibility
  • Elaboration
Incomplete Figure

Career in Advertising
Give yourself five minutes to see what you can turn these figures into. Uncommon subject matter, implied stories, humor, and original perspective all earn high marks.


There is an ancient invention still used in parts of the worlds today that allows people to see through walls. What is it?

Remote Associates

You have to connect three unrelated words and then you need to come up with a fourth word that would connect all three words. Here is an example – 3 unrelated words are Falling, Actor, and Dust. In this case, the answer is “star,” as in “falling star,” “movie star” and “stardust.”

Try it yourself:

Time – Hair – Stretch

If you are able to pass all the above tricks than you can surely enter the world of Advertising & make a career in it. Even if you are not able to answer all the tricks then you can become creative by various methods.

NBA Group of Institutions, India's Best Media Institute


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