Elections and Role of Media

Media in present times really have the capability of persuading people’s outlook about everything. Bearing in mind this fact it is very fundamental that media should present every single fact without any fabrication resulting in unbiased and impartial news when presented, just like it is meant to be. Likewise media have yet another set of responsibilities towards the society when it comes to the elections.

Elections and Role of Media
For a developing country like India, Elections are pivotal and inextricable factor for the growth and therefore media have a very crucial role to play in the elections with a bunch if moral responsibilities on its shoulder. First and foremost of which is to make people realize the importance of casting their vote subsequently followed by helping them to identify and select the right.

In 2015 Delhi elections, Role of Indian media was significantly important in helping the people making their choices as media really put forward all the issues and facts through various debates, conversations and criticisms. Media’s efforts should be given credit for inducing enthusiasm in people to cast their votes. People this time really seemed definite regarding their choices as media greatly removed the fog of nescience from the people’s mind.

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