Advertising World and Career Prospects

Have you ever noticed that whenever you browse a website or open a YouTube page you are bombarded with advertisement and some advertisement are so innovative and creative that you are bound to watch out of sheer interest .Welcome to the world of Advertising, in today’s world it is the most lucrative profession among the young professionals.
Advertising World! and Career in Advertising What is Advertising
Advertising is a form of informing and influencing the public to buy products or services by using visual, print or oral message. The medium used for creating awareness about an ad can be T.V, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, and Internet etc. With the liberalization of economy and coming up of multinational companies rapid growth in the advertising world has been noticed.
If you think you are creative, you have an ability to multitask and most importantly you are ready to face challenges in less time then this is the best career option for you. Your skill as a creative person to understand you client’s requirement is a must in this career which leads to effective decision making. Some of the basic requirement to be a part of this industry are:
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Persuasive skills
  • Creative writing
  • Team work
Indian advertisement agencies in today’s world handle both national as well as international clients. Some of the basic job profiles which exist in the Advertising industry are Client Media Planning, Advertising campaigns, Public Relation Services, and Branding.
Some of the media giants in the ad world are:
  • Hindustan Thomson Associates (HTA),
  • McCann Erickson India Ltd.
  • Leo Burnett
  • Ogilvy & Mather Ltd
  • Mudra Communications Ltd.
So if you are creative let your creative juices flow by learning the skills of Advertising. NBA School of Mass Communication offers a unique Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations (PGDAPR) where students are trained to master just these skills.

Media Convergence - Increasing Opportunities for Media industry

Marshall Mac Luhan has rightly said that 'Medium is a Message'.

To spread information, a strong and powerful medium is required and mass media fulfills this need by providing various mediums for information dispersion. Mass Media in India has always played a pivotal role since the country’s freedom struggle for independence, and in today’s digital era media has emerged as a promising profession by providing opinions and information convergence. Media industries worldwide are witnessing a change wherein media houses are venturing into print, electronic, online and photo journalism together under one umbrella. The most important feature offered by the ‘New’ media or ‘Online’ media is convergence which covers Radio, T.V, Print, and most importantly Internet and mobile telephones. Convergent media expect a media person to produce the content using all means that includes - photography, text, computers, laptops or their mobile phones.

The content, after packaging is uploaded on the net using different photo, audio and video sharing platforms like websites, blogs and other social media networks. Unlike the old traditional medium, new media is highly interactive. Here, the consumer participates by expressing the views rather than being a passive receiver of information.

Convergent media demands high level of multitasking, preference is given to a media person with multi-skill qualities. In contemporary era, most of the journalists are expected to work for employers who serve news in almost all mediums of communication. A journalist is required to do multitasking for all the four streams of journalism as reporters, news writers, copy editors and producers.

Convergent media has brought revolutions in countries like Tunisia and Egypt by acting as a tool of public mobilization and interaction but at the same time media professionals are expected to pursue their commitments to media ethics, social concerns and issues of human rights and civil liberties while dealing with convergent media.


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