Entertainment Reporting: An Integral part of Mass Media & Journalism

Entertainment Reporting: An Integral part of Mass Media The entertainment industry is an exciting occupation for performers, actors, singers, dancers, directors, producers and all the people who are the part of it, but there is another thrilling feature to the field - Entertainment Journalism. Career as an entertainment reporter can be satisfying, glamorous and exciting.

Like all genres of reporting, entertainment reporting takes the exact mix of hard work, education and skilled associations. To get into this field you will have to understand every single angle of journalism, which are, writing, research, understanding in and out of the newsroom, selecting the subject, or writing reviews for cinema and producing final production whether it is for print or electronic media.

Taking interviews form a major part of entertainment reporting. You will have to learn all the tools and techniques of conducting an interview as the people you will be asking questions to would be celebrities or superstars.

All celebrities today have their Public Relations officers and they are the ones, who will help you to reach for the stars.

There are many institutes in Delhi offering Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication and various certificate courses. One of the premiere institutes in Delhi for Mass Communication is NBA Group of Institutions, where you will learn every stage of making television show, print production or working for the online media.

So if you love cinema, art, entertainment, music, dance. If you like to be in celebrity circle, attending Page 3 parties is what excites you then learning journalism will teach you how to merge your storytelling or performing art with broadcasting or publishing.

NBA Group of Institutions, India's Best Media Institute

Social Media and Disaster Management

Mass Communication especially social media has emerged as a vehicle for the spread of information not only during normal times but especially during a disaster. The question arises what is a disaster and how it can be managed? 

Disaster management is basically management of resources and responsibilities to deal with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies; if social media can be combined with this type of management then disaster can be subsided to an extent. 

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which are generally used for entertainment, can also be used during the time of catastrophe as there is a need and at the same time interest to use them during the natural and manmade disasters.

The field of Mass Communication and Journalism is wide, social media can act as a catalyst in spreading disaster warnings, it can be a powerful and effective tool which can help the authorities to be pro active with their work. The work like continuous updation of information, compiling of information can help the needful to get connected through this medium. 

One need to remember that spreading information is important but at the same time caution need to be taken that rumors’ or wrong information should not get spread as there are chances of situation getting chaotic therefore it is always advisable to do research before passing on any information.

No doubt that social media provides a platform for quick updation and help the people who are facing the crises but care should be taken and media need to be very vigilant about the risk of false information getting spread like a wildfire.

NBA Group of Institutions, India's Best Media Institute

Importance of Research in Mass Communication & Journalism

Importance of Research in Mass Communication & Journalism
Research form an important aspect in any profession. As per the dictionary meaning Research is a systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

The primary purpose of any research is of discovering, interpretation and analysis of information so to enhance human knowledge.

Research in Mass Communication and Journalism forms a core aspect in decision making, expressing and analyzing of news, views and information. Media is a very sensitive area as it is connected to the masses therefore care should be taken in the delivery of the message to the masses.

Accuracy and Objectivity is must in news reporting. A story should always be well researched before publishing or airing on TV. In Broadcast Media different programmes are produced to run 24 hours news channels for that knowing audience behavior. Audience behavioral research can give an idea to a researcher. A good programme is always a well researched programme.

Media practitioner can do their job more effectively if they get to know about the target audience which can help them in planning and executing programmes. Media research is also used in conducting surveys, public opinion polls, Advertising and Public Relations campaigns which helps in providing perspective to a report.

Job Prespectives

If you are interested in research then there are many jobs for media resaercher. A person with good understanding of research methodology and media studies is required. One can also study the impact of different medium on different types of audiences.

In order to be the part of any research group one should have a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Most of the Mass Communication and Journalism course have media research as a subject.

NBA Group of Institutions, India's Best Media Institute

Radio Jockeying as a Career Option

Radio Jockeying (RJ) as a Career Option Do you like talking to people? Are you a chatterbox who makes people laugh with your sense of humor, if yes then Radio Jockeying is the right career option for you. Radio as a medium of Mass Communication is the most impactful and one of those medium where you can be recognized by your voice.

Job profile of an Radio Jockeying (RJ)

Well as a Radio Jockeying (RJ) you are required to chat with your listeners, play music on radio stations, interviews guest from different walks of lives and celebrities and plan different type of contest so as to engage the listener and increase the readership of the radio station.

So if you are enthusiastic, creative, you got a good sense of humor and above all you are a good communicator then this is the right profession for you. Radio is also an exciting and challenging career for those who have inclination towards music.

This is a medium wherein requirement is more for youngsters as they are filled with new ideas, concepts and are full of enthusiasm.

There are different courses which are existing if one wish go in the field of Radio
So if you have a passion for Radio enroll yourself in a good Mass Communication and Journalism Institute, so as to get hand on training and start polishing your skills. Always remember, success of a show depends entirely on how talented the radio jockey is.

NBA Group of Institutions, India's Best Media Institute

VYAPAM, Is it the Biggest Scam in Indian History?

It was back then in year 2000 when the first complaint was registered, but in 2007 the Vyapam Scam came to fore as a fully fledged professional racket.

Let us first understand, What is VYAPAM?

Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal, also known as “The Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB)” - in Madhya Pradesh is a professional examination board. It conducts various tests for admission to professional courses and streams. It is the largest examination conducting body, which comes directly under the Directorate of Technical Education (Government of Madhya Pradesh).

What is Vyapam Scam?

Vyapam Scam
In year 2007, complaints were registered of irregularities while conducting exams and recruitments. The Vyapam Scam pertains to manipulation in the selection process for government jobs conducted by MPPEB which came to notice after a report by the Local Fund Audit office of Madhya Pradesh for 2007-08, found alleged financial and administrative irregularities, including unauthorized disposal of application forms, worth crores of rupees by the MPPEB.

It is been reported that these irregularities have involvement of politicians, officials, bureaucrats, businessmen, academicians and even the Chief Minister of MP, Shivraj Shingh Chauhan.

Over the period of time, many whistleblowers, activists, social workers etc are being threatened for life and around 45 people have been reported death till now.

Recently, the VYAPAM Scam is again into headlines because of the controversial death of a journalist, Akshay Singh who was one of the prominent journalists who was covering Vyapam Scam in his stories.

It is not only Akshay, who has lost his life while working on this dangerous & threatening assignments, but around the world journalists have been putting their lives on risk while covering stories.

Journalists have been always risking their lives for years to expose their audience to war, rebellion, and various political upheavals. These daring adventures are often seen by journalists as a way to boost their careers and reach more people. Unfortunately, working on such assignments results into assault, kidnapping, and even death for many journalists and their staff.

Courage, ferocious, brave and being fearless are some of the qualities which are required for being a good journalist. But above all, journalism students are been trained for such daring assignments during their training and orientation period. Many mass communication colleges offer Diploma in Mass Communication, post graduate diploma in mass communication, bachelors in mass communication for those who want to pursue career in journalism & mass communication. For the same best college of mass communication in Delhi can been found easily.

Is TV Anchoring your Dream Career???

Is TV Anchoring your Dream Career
An Anchor or newscaster is the host of a news bulletin, debate and discussion shows. This person may be a full time journalist, news reporter and a producer. In the UK, those working at BBC or Common Wealth countries are called Newsreaders. The word Anchor is often used in the United States and Canada.

Though Anchoring looks glamorous and fascinating it is far more complex than just reading and looking good. Anchors must be efficient communicators while multitasking and giving out a mass of information regularly bombarding them.

Anchors just don't read the teleprompter, they communicate with their audience. Effective News anchor do their own research before telling the story to their audience. Treat Teleprompter as your friend and act as if you are talking to it. Never focus too much on the words appearing in front of you on Teleprompter; your viewers will make it out that you are simply reading.

Always do you’re in depth research, have deep understanding of various contemporary issues because a lot of times your teleprompter will stop functioning, and you will not know what you are talking about. If you are confident, well informed, you will be able to speak about any topic under the sun and feel comfortable in any odd situation.

A television news anchor is not just a pleasant appearing talking head. He is supposed to be first a journalist. Also understand TV production techniques and nuisances of electronic broadcasting.

The bigger question is how will you become a news anchor? For that, you will have to pursue Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; if you are already a graduate then you can enroll yourself into Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. There are various institutes that offer certificate and professional diploma in Mass Communication.

One such institute in Delhi - NCR is NBA school of Mass Communication, which offers Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Certificate and short term courses in Mass Communication.

NBA has its own live studio which will give you the opportunity to learn anchoring the real way, giving you the first hand experience of anchoring with professional co-anchors in a real TV set up. As these exposures will hone your skill as an anchor and give you real world exposure to the glamorous, exciting and enduring life of a News Reader.


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