The Importance of Advertising and Public Relations

The Importance of Advertising and Public Relations
Today, public relations have come to occupy the same level of importance as advertising. Advertising is done for the product, public relations is done for the brand. Advertising is done to put the information out there whereas public relations is done to garner goodwill among the public. Advertising is done for short term gains while public relations is done for long term gains.

Every organization is well aware of the importance of advertising and public relations. It is a separate division in the organization. The true test of the public relations of an organization comes in effect when the organization is going through a crisis. It helps an organization survive difficult circumstances.

PG diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
Public relations and Advertising have evolved into full fledged subjects. It has become a detailed study and therefore more and more students wish to go into these fields. This offers ample opportunities for students who wish to make a carrier out of it.

NBA School of Mass Communication through its syllabus teaches its students the nuances of public relations and helps them make a carrier out of it. NBA Group of Institutions offers a graduate and post-graduate
course in mass communication and through its syllabus teaches students the various aspects of advertising and public relations.

NBA has been ranked as one of the best Mass Communication Institute in the country. The Institute has garnered this respect because of its track record in placing students in the top media organizations. It is no wonder today that NBA Alumni can be found in prominent media organizations where they are making a name for themselves.

NBA Group of Institutions - India's Best Media and Mass Communication Institute

Event Management- An Emerging Field

Event Management- An Emerging Field for Mass Communication Students
Today Event Management has become an emerging field. This is because the Indian market has grown and its requirements have changed. Today companies organize events for a wide variety of events. Therefore, they need experts who can do this job for them.

Some of the events that are managed are product launches, concerts, movie premiers and sometimes even grand scale weddings. All of these chores are handled by event management companies. Everything from decorations to the designs, the whole look and feel of the place is handled carefully by the event management companies. It is the attention to detail that sets apart one event manager from the other.

Someone who wishes to go into event management should be creative, energetic, social skills and hard working. These are the traits that event management companies are looking for. They are looking for fresh talent who are willing to take risks and explore new opportunities. Plus the students would also get the opportunity to interact with a whole bunch of people from different backgrounds. 

This offers a wide variety of options to students who wish to make a career in Event Management. NBA School of Mass Communication understands the situation and through its Mass Communication courses will give the students the training they need to become successful Event Managers. With state of the art facilities, students can be assured of the best possible training that will make them knowledgeable and confident. Thus, NBA is a safe bet for any Mass Communication student.

Debates and discussions on TV

India is a very opinionated country. People in India have something to say about everything. Even though they might not be so well versed in the subject at hand. This is the rich culture of debate and discussion that we have inherited from our ancestors. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that news channels have become a breeding ground for debate and discussion. Every evening, news anchors moderate news debates to give the viewer a better picture of whatever is going on in the country. For that, the news anchor in question should have a good knowledge of the topic in question. 

Every evening we see journalists such as Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and Arnab Goswami moderate debates which include party spokespersons, experts and prominent celebrities. The audience gets to see the whole picture and then helps them to make an informed opinion. Opinion building also is a big part of journalism. 

This is where news anchors play a key role. They can either get the panelists to answer the difficult questions or allow the debate to get bogged down by just plain rabble rousing. This is the true test for a new anchor. This determines how knowledgeable or sensible the news anchor is. 

NBA School of Mass Communication trains its students to become sensible journalists who help the audience in making an informed opinion. NBA, through its highly qualified facility has the edge when it comes to imparting good quality education in the field of Journalism. It is precisely because of this fact that some of the prominent journalists are NBA graduates.

What is Investigative Journalism?

Investigative Journalism is an integral part of journalism. It is the art of going deep into a story and uncovering all of the hidden facts. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge and is an important facet of Journalism. Every prominent news story requires thorough investigations. This is done to uncover the truth. 

It is through Investigative Journalism that a lot of news stories have been unearthed. For example the Watergate scandal in the USA which led to the resignation of then President Richard Nixon. Other cases that can be cited as examples are the Bofors scandal, 2G Spectrum scam, Commonwealth Scam etc. 

To be an Investigative Journalist, one needs to be knowledgeable, hard working and driven. It is a painstaking process that takes up a lot of time. But the hard work is worth it. One good story can turn around the fortunes of a journalist. Take the case of the Watergate scandal mentioned above. The two cub reporters who were investigating the case became overnight stars. Their names were Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. 

NBA Institute of Mass Communication gives its students all the training they need to become the future Woodward’s and Bernstein’s. The institute gives them all the practical as well as theoretical knowledge they need to become successful journalists. The college is equipped with state of the art equipment that will help the student in getting a more hands on training. Thus NBA Group of Institutions is the best choice for any wannabe journalist.

Scope for Movie Critics after Mass Communication Course

Every time a new movie comes out on Friday, which is the first thing that a newspaper reader looks for. It’s the movie reviews. They help him decide whether the movie is worth it or not. Should he/she make time for that film? In other cases, the moviegoer would like to know what he/she is getting themselves into.

Writing movie reviews is an art. One should be versed with his/her knowledge of cinema and they should have their own clear interpretation of what good cinema is. They should be well read and should have good writing skills. They should be able to clearly express the nuances of the film, highlight the film’s strengths and castrate its weaknesses.

But above else, a movie critic should have credibility. This helps the critic build a strong bond of trust with his/her followers. It also makes him/her trustworthy. Some of the prominent movie critics of our country are Rajeev Masand, Anupama Chopra, Raja Sen and Mayunk Shekhar. These critics have a strong following because of their credibility and their in-depth knowledge of cinema.

Movie critics are well respected. They get to watch movies, interact with a lot of film people and get paid for all this. It is a dream job for any cinema lover. NBA Institute of Mass Communication knows this fact and through its mass communication courses will prepare the student to become a prominent movie critic. Therefore NBA is the safest choice for any Mass Communication student.


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