Left Right and Centre Politics of the Indian Media

Left Right and Centre Politics of the Indian Media
Left, right and centre are the different ideologues that affect our political system. Political parties position themselves according to their ideological beliefs. The Left stands for socialist/communist which implies that the people who believe in this ideology wish to see the government play a more active role in the system. They wish to see the government taking care of its citizens through different schemes and plans of action.

Political parties on the right are more pro-capital, pro-business and wish to see less and less participation of the government at all levels. For them the only thing that the government should do is regulation and infrastructure. They wish to see the rest of the sectors in private hands. The centrists are the ones who wish to embody the best of both, the right and the left.

It is very important to understand these concepts if one wishes to become a successful journalist. NBA Institute of Mass Communication in Delhi recognizes this fact and makes sure that its students are well versed with all the political knowledge and all other related subjects. This is done to make sure that the students end up becoming enlightened journalists of tomorrow. The faculty at NBA has tons of media experience behind them. They have seen events from a very close range and have analyzed events that have had a significant impact on our lives. This puts NBA school of Mass Communication way above the competition.

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How one can become a Video Jockey (VJ)

Video Jockeys are hosts of popular shows on TV. These shows are pre-dominantly music or youth oriented shows. VJ’s today have become very popular. They are very recognizable with the youth. The youngsters look up to them and thus they have ended up becoming role models for them. Therefore they carry a big burden of responsibility as their every action has a very direct impact on the youth.

To be a VJ, one needs to have a great connect with the audience. One needs to be well spoken and confident about what they are doing. And above all else, they need to be like-able. They also need to be well aware of all the current trends in music, movies and the arts. This will give them something meaningful to talk about.

Video Jockey’s (VJ) also end up doing a lot of other stuff such as acting, singing etc. They use their Video Jockey status as a stepping stone for future heights. Prominent VJ’s among them are Ayushman Khuranna and Ranvijay Singh. They have successfully transformed from VJ’s to actors and are receiving great accolades for their work.

NBA Institute of Mass Communication, through its mass communication course teaches students how to face the camera and lighting and what are the things one needs to take care of when they are on camera. They are also taught how to use the camera edit, add effects etc. Thus giving them an all round training. Therefore NBA has become the one stop shop for all wanna be RJ’s.

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