Business Reporting by Mass Communication Students

Business Reporting by Mass Communication and Journalism Students
Business, trade and commerce are the wheels that drive an economy. India is steadily growing at 8% per annum. This is primarily being propelled by business activates that are taking place in our country. Business plays an important role in shaping a country. It is the tool that drives the economy forward.

The major business sectors of any country are real estate, consumer goods, automobile industry etc. These sectors are the primary creators of employment opportunities in our country. If these sectors, the country also grows. Entrepreneurship is another area of interest of a lot o people who wish to do something different and take risks.

To report on business, one needs to be well versed in all the nuances of business. They should about the sectors that are driving the economy forward. Who are the prominent business tycoons and how people in business can profit from the information that is being provided. They should be familiar with the stock market and how it works. A lot of people take an active interest in business because they have invested a large sum of their investments in stocks and bonds. Thus they wish to know the status of their investments.

NBA School of Mass Communication knows this fact. Therefore it empowers its students with all the business education they would need to become prominent business journalist of tomorrow. NBA Group of Institutions has state of the art facilities that give their students the exposure they need to become successful business journalist of tomorrow.

NBA School of Mass Communication - India's Best Mass Communication and Journalism Institutes

Media Role in Indian Society

Media Role in Indian Society
The media plays a pivotal role in Indian society. It bridges the gap between the elected representatives and the public. The Indian media also holds a mirror to Indian society. Unfortunately our media is not doing its job properly. NBA Group of Institutions offers courses in journalism where the students are taught the importance of journalism and what responsibilities do journalists have towards his/her profession.

The media’s job is to highlight the ills of society. This unfortunately is not what is taking place. The Indian media today is more interested in pandering to the lowest common denominator. Fair and objective news is slowly going out the window and loud ‘shout your opponent out’ matches are taking place on primetime news channels. This is alarming as news today is being left behind in favour of sensationalism and jingoism. NBA School of Mass Communication is well aware of this growing menace and strives to prepare journalists who are well versed with facts and who have the ability to make strong and insightful points to support their arguments.

 The best thing for journalism today is to return to its roots and do what it does best. That is, to be the eyes and ears of our society and provide them information that will keep them aware and well informed. Journalism is a sacred profession whose prestige must be restored. Cheap antics on TV can get one viewership’s but it does not augur well for an enlightened society. NBA School of Mass Communication offers Bachelors and Post Graduate Diploma courses in Mass Communication. The courses are well structured to provide the students with all the toolkits that they would require for becoming successful journalists of tomorrow. An informed society augurs well for a country and its people.

NBA School of Mass Communication - India's Best Mass Communication and Journalism Institutes


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