The Significance of Crime Reporting

Crime reporting has become a staple of all newspapers and news channels. They have always occupied an important position in news media. Crime stories have always gained a lot of attention. For a very long time, people have been fascinated with the world of crime and the whole psychological aspect of it. They find the thought process of a criminal to be very intriguing.

All prominent newspapers have an entire page devoted to crime stories. It is considered a separate beat and many reporters are assigned for this. News channels also work on similar lines. They have late night shows dedicated to crime. The news is presented in a very sensational way. The News anchor goes into deep speculation and exaggeration. The popularity of this genre has only grown as newspapers and news channels are devoting significant space to such stories as it attracts more attention.

Crime reporting process raises serious concerns about the nature of journalism in our country. Journalists are giving into sleazy gore and violence which does not bode well for journalism. By doing this, they are lowering the standards of journalism and giving into cheap tricks that give short term gain but do long term harm. To counter this, responsible journalism is in order. Editors must make sure that unnecessary violence and gore is curbed and proper journalism be encouraged.

NBA realizes the importance of journalism and prepares students to become proper and responsible journalism who do not give up their ideals in the face of market forces. That is why it has been ranked as the best Mass Communication institute in the country. The alumni of NBA are placed well across the entire media industry. They continue to do good work and make a name for themselves in their respective fields.

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Cell Phone Novel – A bright avenue for Content Writers

Can you imagine reading a novel on your cell phone? For literature lovers this new age technology offers a latest concept: A cell phone novel or mobile phone novel.

A cell phone novel is a fictional work written on a mobile phone via text messaging. The concept in literary genre originated in Japan. Recently its popularity has also spread to countries like China, USA, Germany, Taiwan and South Africa. Due to character limitation each chapter consists of about 70-100 words.

This genre was initiated by young female authors and is generally written on subjects related to romantic fiction. The text is shared chapter by chapter and sent directly to the readers. Deep Love was the first cell phone novel published in 2003 in Tokyo. The story was an insist hit and so popular that it got published into a book, with more than 2.6 million copies sold in Japan, the cell phone novel was also adapted to a television series and a movie.

In 2007 around 98 cell phone novels were printed into books. "Love Sky" written by Japanese writer Mika had approximately 12 million views on-line.

The convince of writing and reading on the move, creates a different experience, allowing the author and reader to appreciate literature in a different way as the story reveals slowly on day to day basis based on regular text messages.

The talent here required is to write and describe your characters in least words as possible. The technique and style of writing in brevity can be honed at any good mass communication institute. One of the premier institute in Delhi-NCR offering courses in journalism is NBA Group of Institutions where there is a lot of stress given to writing skills.

If you wish to make your career as a writer and are technology driven, consider getting yourself enrolled in a good mass communication institute.

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Environmental Journalism – Fruitful Career Option

The entire world today is a witness to climate change.  Global warming is affecting earth and human life across the globe. Human activities are immensely affected due to chemical and physical changes happening due to this phenomenon.  The change is being felt in nature’s ecosystems on ground and at sea.

Rising pollution levels in air, soil and water is a major international concern. India’s name appears in one of the top most polluted countries in the world. Approximately 65% of the land is degraded and nearly 30% of gross agricultural productivity is lost each year. The main reasons are soil degradation, inefficient land management, poor irrigation and inadequate rainfall.

 An Environmental journalist plays an important role in bringing the world’s environment’s reality to its audience and also creates awareness. To become an environmental journalist, it is imperative to understand the subject’s scientific jargons, history of various environmental events, the capability to keep yourself updated with various environmental policies, contemporary environmental concerns, and the ability to translate all the complex data and information in language easily understood by your audience. Environmental journalists are the key people who can help in improving the quality of life for all- human beings, animals and plants.  Bring out dangerous environmental global issues out in open.

Producing a special show on environment or coming out with magazine or newspaper column on the issue will require same expertise as any other beat in Journalism. Understanding your target audience, scripting, producing, anchoring, camera work, editing all require specialized training.

To understand the basics you can take admission in any good institute offering Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; if you are already a graduate then you can enroll yourself into Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. There are various institutes that offer certificate and professional diploma in Mass Communication. One of the premier Mass Communication College in Delhi-NCR is NBA Group of Institutions, where you will be taught all aspects of Mass Media with hands on practical training in its own TV news channel Jain TV.

If you wish to change the air we breathe, provide environment related stories to the society, love flora and fauna then consider becoming an environmental journalist and make the earth a better place for you and for me and the entire human race!!!

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Sports Journalist: Best Career Option for Mass Communication and Journalism Students

Sports Journalism in India Sport events unite the whole world together. International sporting events like Olympics, FIFA, Common wealth games, Cricket World Cup provide a common platform for sportsperson to showcase their talent hailing from different continents across the globe.
The credit for bringing sports and sportsmen near to us goes to the media and sports journalist who travel across the world to report on various sporting events.
Covering sports comes naturally to those who like to watch or participate in different kinds of games. Get inspiration from lifestyle, hard work and playing style of different sports person and are keen to travel.
Sports occupy an important part in all forms of news media. TV, Radio, Online, Newspaper or Magazine have dedicated sections for sports and special air time on both TV and Radio. Covering sports and its events has gained a lot of significance as sport around the world has grown in terms of wealth, authority and power.
If you are a sports fan and have an interest in writing, you may consider your career as a sports journalist. If you have an understanding for different kinds of games, comprehend their nuances, all you need is the right training and grooming.
Producing a show on sports or coming out with magazine or newspaper column will require same expertise as any other field of Journalism. A deep understanding of how research is done, TV production techniques, understanding camera and lights, writing scripts, understanding audience requirements and lots of practical experience are all part of study of Mass Communication. 
Opportunities in Sports Journalism in NBA School of Mass Communication To get into reporting or producing shows or working for a magazine on sports, you will have to enroll yourself into any good institute offering Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; if you are already a graduate then you can enroll yourself into Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. There are various institutes that offer certificate and professional diploma in Mass Communication. One of the premier Mass Communication College in Delhi-NCR is NBA, where you will be taught all aspects of Mass Media.
There is a lot of scope in sports journalism; you can consider the following avenues:
  • Sports journalist working in print media (newspapers and magazines)
  • Write special columns on sports (off course that comes with experience!!!)
  • Anchor or host a radio or TV show dedicated to sports
  • Become a Sports announcers or commentators
  • Work as Producer or director of TV Sports show
  • Online reporter for websites dedicated to sports
  • Public Relations officer working with different sportsperson
  • Cameraperson specializing in covering live sports events
  • Create your own blog
An exhilarating job, will always keep you on your toes with travel opportunities around the globe. If you are looking for something that always keeps you moving, is vibrant and exciting combined with your love for sports, and then this career is for you.

Paid News - Red lines in Advertising Media and Journalism

There are certain things that a journalist should be aware of. He/she must be aware of the concept of paid news which is eating up the media profession and is causing a lot of disrepute to the profession. Paid news is accepting money for a news story. It is in a way bribing a journalist to do the dirty work. It is morally and ethically wrong and should be condemned with the harshest language.

Media Advertising is not a crime, but disguising an advertisement in the form of an article is. Therefore it is the duty of the journalist to mention that the article in question is an advertorial (advertisement in the form of an article). Not mentioning this is a crime. These are guidelines that have been clearly laid down by our press laws. It is the duty of journalists to abide by the press laws and not to indulge in professions that might bring great disrepute to the profession.

Journalism is no ordinary profession. It is considered a social service and therefore is regarded as a sacred profession. The news media has been a very vigilant watchdog. But the actions of some have greatly hampered the media’s credibility. A few rotten apples have shamed the profession and it is our duty to make sure that their mistakes are not repeated. It is the duty of budding new reporters to restore the professions lost glory.

NBA School of Mass Communication understands the role media plays in a healthy democratic society. It is offering a graduate and post graduate course in Mass Communication, PG diploma in Advertising and Public relations and Journalism. It gives the students a holistic training which helps them in becoming informed reporters of tomorrow. NBA has been ranked as the top Mass Communication institute in the country. Its alumni are placed in different fields of the media.

Challenges for the media

Challenges for the media
The biggest challenge to the media is advertising and sensationalism. Let us examine each one in detail.

After all is set and done, the media is also like any other business. It can be referred as a sacred business as its importance far outpaces a lot of other profession. And like any other business, it requires cash inflow. This is achieved through advertising. Advertisers ascertain their media preferences according to the ratings of a newspaper or news channel. Thus, at one point the news media becomes subservient to the advertisers and start publishing content accordingly. This acts as a big hurdle for independent presses which must distinguish between public good and profit.

The other important issue affecting our media is the issue of sensationalism. Sensationalism is to over-emphasis or exaggerates a news story. This is done to make a not so important story sound important. It is a journalism practice that is highly condemned but is still in action in our mainstream media. This form of journalism is giving a bad name to the profession and hence reducing the credibility of reporters.

The model of journalism prevailing today is scary. Media houses are run like market oriented businesses that censor information and put forward data that is important for furthering their own interests. This needs to stop as these practices are greatly hampering the credibility of journalism as a profession.

This is where NBA School of Mass Communication comes in. The institute offers graduate and post-graduate courses in Mass Communication. Students of Mass Communication are taught the basics of journalism and trained to make them responsible journalists of tomorrow. Journalism is a sacred profession which needs to be resorted to its former glory.


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