Theatre in India

Communication is multi-dimensional which can be used for persuasion, education, entertainment and development. Over a period of time different mediums of Mass Communication are used to express these functions. Theatre plays a pivotal role in expressing its many functions.

Theatre is an art form which highlights various aspect of Indian society. Any medium demands attention and in Theatre language and culture connects the community. As a developing nation India is dealing with a lot of problems, there are many issues rooted in our colonial past, grave social economic changes, poverty, unemployment, child labor and many others. All these issues must be analyzed and should be highlighted among the masses.

Theatre can play a beneficial role in solving a lot of these issues. Society can be revolutionized through this medium as the actors are directly interacting with the audience which leaves a mark on their psyche. The ability of communicating our thoughts, feelings are taught by theatre. It helps us in understanding the environmental impact of society on our living. Human emotions are expressed by this powerful medium therefore it had the potential of crossing the cultural boundaries as well .We can learn a lot about people from different cultures around the world. It is also a great way of learning because human being learn not only when they perform but as an observer it teaches us about people, places and ideas with which one get exposed.

The major disadvantage of this medium is lack of fund but this gap can be fulfilled provided if the local bodies and the government come together and provide financial assistance to the artists and encourage this medium.

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