Citizen Journalist - The next Big Thing

Citizen Journalist is a new age concept that has come about because of the internet and the social media. Today anyone who has an android phone can be a journalist. For this, all they need to do is record a news story and post it online. This empowers people in remote areas which are inaccessible to the general public.
This also helps the local population to raise their issues which might not be highlighted by the mainstream media. For example unhygienic conditions, open potholes etc. This helps in making people a part and parcel of the news. It also empowers others who wish to do the same.
The technology has made everyone a potential journalist. Anyone can record a story and post it online. This has helped in bringing the country together on a common platform. This also helps in cutting out the middlemen who might want to censor a particular story due to their personal interests. It  has brought transparency in the field of journalism.
NBA School of Mass Communication is aware of the emerging trends in media and empowers its students accordingly. The students are taught the changing trends of media. This is done to empower the students and make them informed journalists of tomorrow. NBA Group of Institutions offers state of the art facilities which give the students all the theoretical and practical knowledge they would need to become successful journalists. NBA has been ranked as the best Mass Communication Institute and its alumni are placed all across the media industry.

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Qualities of a Good Reporter

News reporting is an art and there are certain traits that every news reporter should have. A news reporter should be fair and objective. She/he should not have any pre-conceived notions or biases. They should approach a news story with an open mind and be open to all possibilities. They should also restrain from passing any form of judgment or comment that could seriously undermine the story.

A good News reporter should crosscheck his/her facts and make sure they are accurate. In journalism, they say that fact is sacred and comment is free. Therefore a reporter should be careful with his/her facts. A reporter should cultivate their own sources. These sources help in the extraction of news or other details that might have been missed out.

To be a good reporter, one needs to be a very knowledgeable person. They should be well versed with all the important issues affecting the country. They should also be aware of all the important incidents that have already taken place in our country or incidents that have helped in shaping our country.

NBA School of Mass Communication has a habit of producing and placing some of the brightest minds in the field of journalism. Its alumni are well placed all across the media industry. NBA Group of Institutions is the best mass communication colleges in Delhi NCR, offers state of the art facilities and a well qualified staff that makes sure that the students are in safe hands. Therefore, if anyone wishes to make it in journalism, then NBA is the place to be.

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What is the TRP Rating System?

TRP stands for Television Rating Points. It is like a barometer to judge the popularity of a show. They are the basis on which advertisers chose their mediums of communication.

Unfortunately, the downside to TRP’s is that in the horde to be number 1, a lot of channels are lowering the standards of their content in order to attract more eyeballs.

Competition in the media has become a rat race to be the one with the highest TRP rating. In this regard news channels are going all out to grab eyeballs. The content is suffering in the process. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of journalists to keep sensationalism at bay and allow good content to make its way.

A journalist should be well aware of this fact because a news channel needs money to survive. It cannot continue for very long if it keeps incurring losses. A journalist should pursue a story in a way that it can be sold properly to the public. Otherwise the whole process of news gathering goes to waste. But there is a thin line between proper journalism and sensationalism. Therefore a journalist must walk that tightrope if he/she wishes to be successful.

NBA Group of Institutions understands this fact and trains its students to become responsible journalists of tomorrow. NBA is the premier institute of Mass Communication in the country. Its alumni are spread all across the media industry. The institute equips its students with all the necessary knowledge and skills which make them confident journalists of tomorrow.

Reporting on Business

Business, trade and commerce are the wheels that drive an economy. India is steadily growing at 8% per annum. This is primarily being propelled by business activates that are taking place in our country. Business plays an important role in shaping a country. It is the tool that drives the economy forward.

The major business sectors of any country are real estate, consumer goods, automobile industry etc. These sectors are the primary creators of employment opportunities in our country. If these sectors, the country also grows. Entrepreneurship is another area of interest for a lot of people who wish to do something different and take risks.

To report on business, one needs to be well versed in all the nuances of business. They should about the sectors that are driving the economy forward. Who are the prominent business tycoons and how people in business can profit from the information that is being provided.

They should be familiar with the stock market and how it works. A lot of people take an active interest in business because they have invested a large sum of their investments in stocks and bonds. Thus they wish to know the status of their investments.

NBA School of Mass Communication knows this fact. Therefore it empowers its students with all the business education they would need to become prominent business journalist of tomorrow. NBA Group of Institutions has state of the art facilities that give their students the exposure they need to become successful business journalist of tomorrow.

NBA School of Mass Communication offers full-time programs at both the Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels:

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The Importance of the Nukkad Natak

The importance of the Nukkad Natak
Street theatre or the Nukkad Natak has occupied an important place in our cultural history. It is one of the oldest forms of storytelling in our country. It is the most accessible form of theatre that can be performed anywhere. All you need is a passion for the art form and a very loud and audible voice.

The Nukkad Natak has been used effectively by artists to create awareness about the different issues that are affecting our society. It has become an important educational tool that can be used for the betterment of our society.  

The nukkad natak has the following advantages over all the other art forms.
  • It is very accessible as it can be performed anywhere.
  • The connection with the audience is very direct. The feedback is immediate with the audience replying with laughter or applause.  
  • Important issues like corruption, drug and alcohol addiction can be highlighted through this art form.
The importance of the Nukkad Natak
NBA school of Mass Communication recognizes the importance of this art form and thus encourages students to actively participant in nukkad nataks that are performed outside the college campuses. The students are given sufficient training and then are taken to a public space where they can perform and spread the message.

NBA has been ranked as one of the best Mass Communication Institutes in the country. The NBA Group of Institution offers graduation and post graduation courses in Mass Communication. With state of the art facilities and a more than qualified staff, students are bound to get the exposure which will put them a cut above the rest.

Career Aspects in Magazine Publication

Magazines are fixed periodical publication published in print format and in today’s contemporary world even online known as online magazine. A regular magazine contains a variety of content. The origin of the word magazine is from various languages like makzin in Arabic, magazzino in Italian and magasin in French. In all languages it means to store. In journalistic terminology magazine publication means collection of written articles and features.
A magazine gets its finances from advertisers, subscription fees paid by its readers and newsstand sales.
There are three broad categories of magazines: Consumer, trade and in house magazine. The most popular is of course is the consumer magazine which contains an assortment of topics like politics, fashion, travel, beauty, health and fitness, parenting and entertainment.

Famous magazines in India are Readers Digest, Femina, Stardust, Filmfare, India Today, Outlook, Women’s Era, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Frontline, The week etc…

There are a lot of venues in the field of magazine publication. One can work as an editor, reporter, and photographer or as a layout artist. There is also a huge demand of people working in the marketing department.

To get into this field you need to have the right attitude and aptitude. Be able to work under pressure, have knowledge of different departments and their roles and responsibility. To become successful in this field you can get enrolled into any good institute offering Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; where print journalism, advertising and marketing is taught as an integral subject.

If you are already a graduate then you can enroll yourself into Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. There are various institutes that offer certificate and professional diploma in Mass Communication. One of the premier Mass Communication College in Delhi-NCR is NBA Group of Institutions, where you will be taught all aspects of Print media, Online media, Advertising and Marketing.
There is huge growth in this sector with hike in circulation revenues and new titles entering the market. If you have an interest in writing, like reading articles and features or are interested in marketing and advertising consider getting yourself a job in this exciting field of Magazine.


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