Citizen Journalist - The next Big Thing

Citizen Journalist is a new age concept that has come about because of the internet and the social media. Today anyone who has an android phone can be a journalist. For this, all they need to do is record a news story and post it online. This empowers people in remote areas which are inaccessible to the general public.
This also helps the local population to raise their issues which might not be highlighted by the mainstream media. For example unhygienic conditions, open potholes etc. This helps in making people a part and parcel of the news. It also empowers others who wish to do the same.
The technology has made everyone a potential journalist. Anyone can record a story and post it online. This has helped in bringing the country together on a common platform. This also helps in cutting out the middlemen who might want to censor a particular story due to their personal interests. It  has brought transparency in the field of journalism.
NBA School of Mass Communication is aware of the emerging trends in media and empowers its students accordingly. The students are taught the changing trends of media. This is done to empower the students and make them informed journalists of tomorrow. NBA Group of Institutions offers state of the art facilities which give the students all the theoretical and practical knowledge they would need to become successful journalists. NBA has been ranked as the best Mass Communication Institute and its alumni are placed all across the media industry.

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