Qualities of a Good Reporter

News reporting is an art and there are certain traits that every news reporter should have. A news reporter should be fair and objective. She/he should not have any pre-conceived notions or biases. They should approach a news story with an open mind and be open to all possibilities. They should also restrain from passing any form of judgment or comment that could seriously undermine the story.

A good News reporter should crosscheck his/her facts and make sure they are accurate. In journalism, they say that fact is sacred and comment is free. Therefore a reporter should be careful with his/her facts. A reporter should cultivate their own sources. These sources help in the extraction of news or other details that might have been missed out.

To be a good reporter, one needs to be a very knowledgeable person. They should be well versed with all the important issues affecting the country. They should also be aware of all the important incidents that have already taken place in our country or incidents that have helped in shaping our country.

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