The Importance of the Nukkad Natak

The importance of the Nukkad Natak
Street theatre or the Nukkad Natak has occupied an important place in our cultural history. It is one of the oldest forms of storytelling in our country. It is the most accessible form of theatre that can be performed anywhere. All you need is a passion for the art form and a very loud and audible voice.

The Nukkad Natak has been used effectively by artists to create awareness about the different issues that are affecting our society. It has become an important educational tool that can be used for the betterment of our society.  

The nukkad natak has the following advantages over all the other art forms.
  • It is very accessible as it can be performed anywhere.
  • The connection with the audience is very direct. The feedback is immediate with the audience replying with laughter or applause.  
  • Important issues like corruption, drug and alcohol addiction can be highlighted through this art form.
The importance of the Nukkad Natak
NBA school of Mass Communication recognizes the importance of this art form and thus encourages students to actively participant in nukkad nataks that are performed outside the college campuses. The students are given sufficient training and then are taken to a public space where they can perform and spread the message.

NBA has been ranked as one of the best Mass Communication Institutes in the country. The NBA Group of Institution offers graduation and post graduation courses in Mass Communication. With state of the art facilities and a more than qualified staff, students are bound to get the exposure which will put them a cut above the rest.


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