What is the TRP Rating System?

TRP stands for Television Rating Points. It is like a barometer to judge the popularity of a show. They are the basis on which advertisers chose their mediums of communication.

Unfortunately, the downside to TRP’s is that in the horde to be number 1, a lot of channels are lowering the standards of their content in order to attract more eyeballs.

Competition in the media has become a rat race to be the one with the highest TRP rating. In this regard news channels are going all out to grab eyeballs. The content is suffering in the process. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of journalists to keep sensationalism at bay and allow good content to make its way.

A journalist should be well aware of this fact because a news channel needs money to survive. It cannot continue for very long if it keeps incurring losses. A journalist should pursue a story in a way that it can be sold properly to the public. Otherwise the whole process of news gathering goes to waste. But there is a thin line between proper journalism and sensationalism. Therefore a journalist must walk that tightrope if he/she wishes to be successful.

NBA Group of Institutions understands this fact and trains its students to become responsible journalists of tomorrow. NBA is the premier institute of Mass Communication in the country. Its alumni are spread all across the media industry. The institute equips its students with all the necessary knowledge and skills which make them confident journalists of tomorrow.


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