About us

NBA Group Of Institutions Comprises of NBA School of Mass Communication, NBA School of Healthcare Management, NBA School of Technology, NBA School of Business.

NBA provides world-class holistic education in Mass Communication, Management, and Technology. At NBA our mission is to make every student realize his or her highest potential. Along with a comprehensive academic curriculum, we provide students with hands-on work experience.

NBA students are promoted to ideate off ‘the beaten-track’ and develop their unique ideas to find their voice and develop it to its highest potential. While developing new ideas and promoting lasting knowledge, we are creating an academic environment where students can be inspired to excel in their chosen discipline.

NBA's academic curriculum is built around a pragmatic approach whereby our coursework is exhaustive, yet relevant to the needs of the industry. Our curriculum puts special emphasis on experiential learning while covering in-depth theoretical knowledge and research. Lectures by industry professionals keeps our students abreast with the latest industry trends.


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